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Suitable App for JMHC Students

In the John Martinson Honors College, students are encouraged to forge their story – to take an active role in shaping their college experience. The Suitable app provides options and incentives for students to build their own adventure by customizing learning and social opportunities.

Students earn badges in research, leadership development and community engagement. They can focus on a single interest or try a little of everything. Suitable is designed to connect students with resources early in their undergraduate career so they can take advantage of all the university has to offer at their own pace and with a focus on their unique interests.

How Do I Access The Suitable App?

Students can access Suitable by visiting and using their unique Purdue username and password to log on. Don't worry, your data is safe behind Purdue's Single Sign-On (SSO). You can also access Suitable through the smartphone application. 

This application is the best place to check on upcoming honors events, track your progress towards the House completion, and view asynchronous tasks that connect you with resources on campus and beyond. 

Suitable does not sell or use anything entered into the FORGE Your Story platform.   

Google Play Store Apple App Store Access the Desktop Version

How Can Students Earn Rewards?

All events in the honors college display a QR code for students to collect points in different competencies. As students collect points in the app, they also earn rewards. Past rewards have included items like mugs and tote bags, as well as pizza and donut parties, bowling, and more.

Suitable Badges

Below is a full list of current badges that JMHC students can earn with the Suitable app.


Welcome to Your Forge

Congratulations on joining the JMHC at Purdue. With this app you can explore offerings from the JMHC and customize your education. After you complete this badge, you will have access to the full menu of badges that equip you with tools, resources, and connections to make the most out of your time at Purdue. BoilerUp!

Honors College Completion

This badge represents the culmination of your work within the John Martinson Honors College. Congratulations!

Study Away Jumpstart

Are you wanting to explore the world, and are not sure where to start? This badge is for you! With this badge, you will learn how and where you can start the process of studying abroad and possible funding sources. It's a great idea to start investigating study abroad early to make sure it fits into your academic plan of study.

Pathfinder Leadership

It is your chance to put your knowledge to the test. Explore your leadership identity and engage in opportunties in the JMHC and beyond! This badge can help you reach the Leadership culmination badge.

Leadership Jumpstart (1 of 3)

Energize your leadership potential by engaging in JMHC opportunities. Through this badge you will take the first steps in identifying leadership opportunities in the JMHC and beyond. You will also encounter some of the foundational skills for teambuilding and leadership. The next step is the Leadership Focused badge!

Focused Leader (2 of 3)

It is your chance to put your knowledge to the test! This badge allows you to further explore your leadership identity and engage in opportunities across campus. Your focus on leadership will help you make the most of your experiences in the leadership roles you hold.

Reflective Leader (3 of 3)

Your leadership journey is never really over! By completing this badge, you are able to identify the ways that your time at Purdue has solidified your leadership identity and given you the tools necessary to lead forward in the world. The completion of this badge includes a reflection of your previous leadership badges, experiences, and challenges.

Research Explorer

Attend and scan the Suitable QR Code at any 2 Research Unit events in any academic year and review the Research BrightSpace - Scholarly Project Milestones page. Having completed these activities, you will be a Research Explorer and ready to learn more about campus research and what Honors Research areas you might be most interested in. After becoming a Research Explorer, you will likely be a bit more comfortable reaching out to JMHC staff about upcoming events and activities that will guide you to your next badge. Always check the HNN and look at the multiple bulletin boards and areas of advertising in North and South if you aren't sure about what you want to do next.

Informed Researcher (1 of 4)

Attend and scan the Suitable QR Code at any 1 research related events, and complete modules 1 and 2 on the Research Bright Space page - Scholarly Project Milestones. Having completed these activities, you will be an Informed Researcher and ready to review research areas that may interest you for your scholarly project. You can become an Informed Researcher in your second semester. We are asking for you to upload the screenshot from your completion of the first 2 modules from the Scholarly Project Milestones BrightSpace page and attend 1 event related to research.

Once you are an Informed Researcher, you will understand what Research Generators might be of interest to you and hopefully you will consider joining one. You will also be ready to consider looking for a research position on campus or for a summer research position.

Engaged Researcher (2 of 4)

Join a Research Generator and Present at PURC (Fall or Spring). You are encouraged to join a Research Generator, there are three unique spaces in the JMHC that may pique your interest. Interdisciplinary Sports Studies, PATTeRN, and TREKS. Find more information by going to the JMHC homepage, Research, Research Generators. You will also have an opportunity to present some of your research at PURC. This is an excellent way to understand how to communicate your area of expertise to people who may not understand your field. Being an Engaged Researcher is something that can be achieved during any part of your academic career. This badge will help you build a network of researchers on campus.

Committed Researcher (3 of 4)

Propose your scholarly project to become a Committed Researcher. This is a big step in keeping on track with your honors career. This isn't anticipated until the second half of your time at Purdue. You want to be prepared to do this, hopefully you have reviewed all the modules on the Scholarly Project BrightSpace Page, attended a Scholarly Project drop-in session, or met with Dr. Bross to discuss your intended proposal.

Developed Researcher (4 of 4)

To become a Developed Researcher, you will have completed your Scholarly Project and submitted the verification form. You may also be recommending other research groups/faculty to your peers. You're ready to secure a Summer internship in your field of study. You may even be entertaining the idea of graduate studies.

Research Communicator

For this badge you will need to upload your CV and confirm that you have an appointment with JMHC Scholar-in-residence, Dr. Chaonan Liu. Dr. Liu will help you craft your resume to highlight your research work. You may be considering applying for a research position after graduation or attending graduate school. Please consider getting guidance from our in-house experts. Once you have the Research Communicator badge you will be able to effectively discuss your research and the processes you took to achieve your research with all audiences.

Research Response Team
Interview Ready (1 of 2)

Sharpen your interviewing skills with this badge! If you are new to interviewing or even if you feel comfortable in interviews, there is always room to grow. With this badge, you will be equipped with Purdue resources to help you become a better interviewer. After this badge, you can access another set of badges to dig into your career readiness!

Interview Navigator (2 of 2)

Customize your education with an internship! This badge will help you make the most out of your time while interning.

Community Connected Fall 2024

Wherever you find yourself spending your Fall 2024, connect with the community you are with. It's important to connect with people other than your employer. This badge provides tips, tasks, and reflections on how to build connections in and outside of your professional and academic commitments.

Introduction to Sustainability
People Sustainability
Environmental Health Sustainability
Prosperity Sustainability

This badge will highlight some of the resources at Purdue and nudge you to keep committed to your wellbeing including Self-care, mental health, and many other campus resources.

Social Impact

Are you ready to change the world? Maybe you aren't yet, but the social impact badge can help you get there! This path allows you to explore what other social impact leaders are doing through the Lead Forward Luminary speaker series, take courses that prepare you to make an impact, and apply for a Lead Forward Fellowship Grant that could allow you to start your own project. The completion of this badge means that you have prepared yourself to change the world!


Get endorsed on LinkedIn for your collaboration skills when you earn this badge! By attending Teamwork Game Labs and reflecting on the time you have spent working with others, you will become an expert collaborator. The Teamwork Game Lab will provide you with an exciting way to experiment with team-building activities and explore cutting-edge ideas about effective teamwork. Each session will be geared around a research-based teamwork principle, with activities tailored to explore the meanings and nuances of that principle. There will also be opportunities to work with faculty, staff, and fellow students to develop new team-building activities.

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