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FORGE Your Story

An app for all JMHC-related experiences, powered by Suitable

In the John Martinson Honors College, students are encouraged to forge their story – to take an active role in shaping their college experience. The Suitable app provides options and incentives for students to build their own adventure by customizing learning and social opportunities.   

Students earn badges in research, leadership development and community engagement. They can focus on a single interest or try a little of everything. Suitable is designed to connect students with resources early in their undergraduate career so they can take advantage of all the university has to offer at their own pace and with a focus on their unique interests. 

How can students earn rewards? 

All events in the honors college display a QR code for students to collect points in different competencies. As students collect points in the app, they also earn rewards. Past rewards have included items like mugs and tote bags, as well as pizza and donut parties, bowling, and more.  

How do I access the Suitable app? 

Students can access Suitable by visiting and using their unique Purdue username and password to log on. Don't worry, your data is safe behind Purdue's Single Sign-On (SSO). You can also access Suitable through the smartphone application.  

This application is the best place to check on upcoming honors events, track your progress towards the House completion, and view asynchronous tasks that connect you with resources on campus and beyond.  

Suitable does not sell or use anything entered into the FORGE Your Story platform.  

To access the desktop version, click here. 



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