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Leadership Opportunities

Leadership development is one of the pillars of an Honors College education. We offer diverse leadership opportunities within the college and aim to assist students in advancing their leadership potential. We urge every student to take advantage of these roles and resources. You have the power to make an impact on your community from your very first semester.

Honors Leadership Council

The primary student leadership body of the Honors College made up of students representing each disciplinary college at Purdue.

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Honors Mentor Program

The Mentor Program is a highly competitive, credit-bearing opportunity, through which Honors College students can hone their teambuilding and leadership skills while also cultivating these skills in others. Working closely with Honors College faculty, mentors lead small teams of first-year students in HONR 19901: Evolution of Ideas. In this role, mentors guide students through project-based coursework, helping them develop the academic and teamwork skills they need to become successful Honors College students. This context provides mentors a unique leadership laboratory, in which they can observe how teams function and discover best practices for teambuilding, inclusion and problem solving. Mentors are also provided a structured environment in HONR 299: Mentors, where they engage in personal reflection and guided discussions to ensure they get the most out of their leadership experience.

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Student Diversity Officers


A team of Honors College students whose goal is to advocate for the representation and inclusion of minority and vulnerable population groups in the college. They host networking events as well as workshops that will equip us to have meaningful and effective conversations about race, bias, equality, and social justice.

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Honors Ambassadors

Honors Ambassadors are student leaders who are dedicated to serving and representing the Purdue Honors College. Ambassadors interact and engage with prospective students to gain critical leadership skills while also promoting the Honors College and its opportunities. They provide insight about the college as part of recruitment, high-school visits, campus tours, special events, community service projects, speaking engagements and more.

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HonorServes Committee

We value serving in the Greater Lafayette community as this is transformational not only to the organizations we partner with but also for each of us as we interact with the people and issues these experiences bring us into contact with. The HonorServes Committee organizes opportunities for us to serve together in places like Food Finders Food Bank, the YWCA of Greater Lafayette, and NICHES Land Trust.

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Honors Leadership Toolbox

Our Leadership Toolbox video series gives Honors College students the tools they need to succeed academically, on campus and on the job market. The topics we cover, including conflict management, networking, collaboration and social responsibility, can be instantly applied to real world situations. Tap into your strengths, awaken them in others, dig into your Leadership Toolbox.

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