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Program Events and Workshops


Thursday, September 21, 2023: Please join us for the "Leading Women Toward Space Careers" second annual kickoff event, "Launching Interdisciplinary Endeavors," and Astronaut Scholarship Awards. We will welcome NASA Space Suit Pressure Garment Technical Discipline Lead, Amy Ross and NASA astronaut Jerry Ross for an evening of discussion on space exploration and space careers. This insight-packed event will also include the presentation of Purdue's 2023 Astronaut Scholarship recipients.


In partnership with the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation. Space is limited. Registration (free) is required and can be done through Eventbrite:

MARCH 2023

NASA Center visit (Spring Break)

Mentorship Circles Meeting (during NASA Center visit)


Tech Justice Lab Workshop with Dr. Lindsay Weinberg

This workshop focuses on what it means to do tech justice work and its implications for space careers.


Mentorship Circle meetings

Mentors and four students meet for their third Mentorship Circle. Days/times based upon schedules. 

NOVEMBER 8, 2022

Tuesday Group Mentorship Circle meeting held

Mentors and four students met for their second Mentorship Circle.

NOVEMBER 9, 2022

Wednesday Group Mentorship meeting held 

Mentors and four students met for their second Mentorship Circle.

NOVEMBER 3, 2022

“Picture Your Career” workshop with Dr. Lindsay Sheedy

NOVEMBER 10, 2022

Former Astronaut Roy Bridges Presentation

Former Astronaut Roy Bridges talked with students, staff, faculty and members of the public about his journey from humble beginnings to positions of leadership and prestige, ultimately fulfilling his dream of flying into space as the pilot of the Challenger space shuttle.

Joining astronaut Roy Bridges were two students from the Leading Women Toward Space Careers program as they interviewed him on how his leadership grew from humble beginnings to an astronaut and on to leadership in government research private business. A short Q & A session followed the presentation.

OCTOBER 17, 2023

Lightening Leadership Series: Women's Pathways to Careers Workshop

Session presenters: Allissa Battocletti Noffke (Spacewalk Flight Operations, NASA Johnson Space Center) and Alex Kemp (Program Liaison, Leading Women Toward Space Careers)


Mentorship Circles are a multidisciplinary group of six (6) women, consisting of one senior professional, one (1)  junior or mid-career professional, one (1) graduate student, and three (3) undergraduate students.

September 14, 2022
Wednesday Group Mentorship meeting held 

Mentors and four students met for their first Mentorship Circle.  

Sepember 20, 2022
Tuesday Group Mentorship Circle meeting held 

Mentors and four students met for their first Mentorship Circle

OCTOBER 13, 2022

Purdue’s Barron Hilton Flight and Space Exploration Archives visit with Dr. Tracey Grimm


Robyn Gatens, Director of NASA's International Space Station and NASA Astronaut Kathy Thornton

Open to program participants, staff, faculty, university campus, and general public.
The special night with Robyn Gatens and Kathy Thornton was presented by the Leading Women Toward Space Careers program.

Gatens and Thornton spoke to students, staff, and members of the community on interdisciplinary, international, technical, and non-technical aspects of space exploration.
The evening included presentation of the 2022 Astronaut Scholarship recipients. 


Director of International Space Station, NASA Astronaut to Speak at launch of Leading Women Toward Space Careers program - John Martinson Honors College - Purdue University
Former NASA astronaut, International Space Station director visit Purdue | Community |


SEPTEMBER 1, 2022  

Student Orientation with program manager, Dr. Allison Roberts 

Student orientation is a time for the students to meet one another and the program manager.  The orientation covers expectations, code of conduct, and events/workshops for the year.

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