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About Leading Women Toward Space Careers

Leading Women Toward Space Careers is a comprehensive effort to inspire, connect, support, and ready college-aged women; predominately undergraduates; across STEM disciplines for long term leadership in Space-related careers. Rather than direct job placement, the vision is to provide women students the knowledge they need beyond technical skills to advance in their fields

The program offers the following elements to participating students:

  1. Mentors through "mentorship circles" comprised of a senior and a junior professional from outside the university, three undergraduates, and one graduate student. Circles connect women in STEM disciplines with astronauts, professionals in public service, and industry, up and down career ladders and college education.
  2. Introduces and explores Space-career options across STEM disciplines through academic year programming.
  3. Teaches workforce-readiness.
  4. Holds workshops with the Tech Justice Lab and Purdue’s Space Archive to teach the social and personal histories of space exploration and innovation, and promote women students agency as they shape the future of their fields.

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