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Intercultural Ambassadors

Bianca Caminada

Bianca Caminada

College: College of Science

Major: Physics Honors

Dream Travel Locations: Japan and Finland

Campus Activities and Interests: Honors Mentor Program, Honors Mentor Council, Society of Physics Students, Women in Physics. I also love going to the Co-Rec and biking around the Lafayette area.

"As an international student, I'm currently doing an extended study abroad during my undergraduate degree. I’m passionate about learning about different cultures and having unique experiences around the globe. I'm excited to bring my unique perspective to study abroad at the Honors College."

Kallie Fox

Kallie Fox 

College: College of Liberal Arts

Major: Political Science (International Relations)

Dream Travel Locations: Singapore, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom

Campus Activities and Interests: Honors mentor, Global House leader, Purdue Center for C-SPAN Scholarship & Engagement (CCSE), Pi Sigma Alpha (political science honors fraternity)

"Ever since I was a kid, I knew I would want a career that would allow me to travel. Travelling allows me to constantly learn about different cultures and values. Naturally, I wanted to get involved with as many intercultural positions that I could, so that I could continue to learn."

Tina Tailor

Tina Tailor

College: College of Engineering

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Dream Travel Locations: Japan and Brazil

Campus Activities and Interests: Purdue Raas dance team, Women in Engineering Program, Global Engineering Alliance for Research and Education (GEARE) member. I also love to read.

"I have always been interested in learning about other cultures and lifestyles. It can be really eye-opening to explore what other countries have to offer. I plan on studying abroad in Spain next year and also intend to earn a minor in global engineering."


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