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The John Martinson Honors College at Purdue University has launched Blue Sky Lab, a new center for the development of interdisciplinary, inclusive, and collaborative honors pedagogy.


Blue Sky Teaching and Learning Laboratory exists to develop interdisciplinary,
inclusive, and collaborative honors pedagogy and to forge learning partnerships with
communities and institutions outside of Purdue. BSL incubates and studies
visionary, socially resonant learning practices that bring communities together
around a shared vision of a world connected and powered by interdisciplinary
inquiry. BSL aims to extend honors to all.


The “blue sky” of Blue Sky Lab is a world without intellectual borders, in which
people, communities, and institutions work together in mutually reciprocal
partnerships and networks that bring the best in innovative, active learning practices
to projects that better the world.


Innovation: We challenge ourselves to create and improve continuously
Inclusivity: We believe that honors pedagogy can and should benefit everyone
Equity: We commit ourselves to creating a more just and equitable world
Interdisciplinarity: We locate ourselves at the convergence of traditional areas of
Collaboration: We understand that working together means working better
Service: We devote ourselves to the good of the local community and larger world


10th Anniversary Image