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Honors Global House

What is Global House?

Global House is a learning community of John Martinson Honors College students who are engaged in developing their global perspective.

It exists to build an international, on-campus community that supports students from across the world while also helping them build cross-cultural relationships that empower learning, understanding, appreciation, and tolerance.

Through Global House, students:

  • develop cross-cultural friendships
  • discuss global issues
  • engage with culture from around the world (books, music, film and festivals)

Learn about the structure of Global House and meet the '21-'22 Global House Council.

Programming and Events

In addition to weekly small group gatherings, Global House offers a variety of social and cultural events, as well as opportunities for professional development.

Event topics include:

  • Academic culture in the United States
  • Discussions about books, movies and music from around the world (often with faculty experts)
  • Global Instant-Noodles Challenge
  • How to find internships
  • Group study sessions

Community Involvement

In an effort to be rooted in the community, Global House offers:

  • Partnerships with community organizations
  • Opportunities to explore the Greater Lafayette area (like trips to the Celery Bog and the Farmer’s Market)
  • Partnerships with national student organizations and campus cultural centers for various programs and events

Want to join Global House or find out more?

Contact us via email at

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