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International Students

The John Martinson Honors College highly prizes intercultural engagement and actively works to create a welcoming and engaging environment for all people, including international students. We support our international students with a variety of programming and advising, helping students to reach their goals through interdisciplinary scholarship and research.

Student Highlights

Ana Pascual-Garrigos Rida Khatri
Ana Pascual-Garrigos Rida Khatri
"The number one thing I would tell an international student considering the Honors College would be to just join it! It is a great place to start here at Purdue. You will find friendships and faculty and staff that are always willing to help!" "My favorite thing about being in the honors college is the close-knit relationships that I have been able to form with Honors Faculty - even within my first semester at Purdue University."
Major: Biochemistry Major: Health Science Pre-Professional

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