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Course Offerings

Purdue University students may enroll in these courses connected to the Blue Sky Teaching & Learning Laboratory:

HONR 199: Research Thinking (2 credits)—open only to Research Accelerator Students (fall semesters)

In this course, students will learn how to ask research questions, apply appropriate research methods, design and conduct research projects, and share them with a community of fellow researchers. Students will also be exposed to resources and support across campus and will envision individual trajectories for their own futures as part of Purdue’s world-class research environment. This class provides a collaborative and multidisciplinary environment, making it an ideal first step at Purdue for students looking to transform the world with their ideas.

HONR 299: Contextualizing Youth Learning (4 credits)—open to all Purdue students (fall semesters)

Students enrolled in HONR 299: Contextualizing Youth Learning volunteer once weekly as part of this service/experiential learning course. During lectures students learn about sociocultural learning, culturally responsive pedagogies, student motivation, and service learning. Students then practice applying course content while helping Heads Up youth with their homework. Interested in taking this course? Contextualizing Youth Learning is a 4-credit HONR course offered each fall semester!

HONR 299: Research Accelerator Mentors (2 credits)—open only to selected mentors (fall semesters)

Research Accelerator Mentors is a course for students to develop and refine leadership skills in a research setting through a series of reflective activities and engagement in practical leadership experience. Mentors will provide support and guidance to groups of first-year students in HONR 19900. Successful mentors will demonstrate supportive, collaborative leadership and foster positive group dynamics through the duration of a research project. They also will encourage their mentees to succeed at Purdue and offer further insights into research opportunities across and outside of campus. (Interested students should contact the Research Accelerator Director at

HONR 299: Public Powered Research (3 credits)—open to all Purdue students (spring semesters)

Public Powered Research offers students hands-on research experience in participatory, community-engaged, and citizen-powered research projects. Students will engage in a research project led by a faculty mentor to address challenges spanning disciplines and to improve lives. This spring semester course introduces students to the collaborative research process, stressing how to develop trusting relationships, effectively communicate with various audiences, and ensure research is relevant to communities. No prior research experience is required.

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