Honors Faculty

Honors College faculty work daily to ensure they provide unique courses at Purdue. Click on the person’s name to find their contact information.

Rhonda Phillips, Ph.D., FAICP


Rhonda is committed to “value-added” learning experiences, combining educational, research, and engagement opportunities. She provides interdisciplinary teaching and research experience across a range of diverse topics, including sustainability, community well-being, development and planning, and world urbanism. Rhonda joined Purdue in 2013, the inaugural year of the Honors College, from Arizona State University where she served as Associate Dean for Barrett... Read more

Dr. Emily Allen

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Emily Allen is Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for Purdue's Honors College, a position that allows her to work with undergraduates from all over the university. She is also Associate Professor in the English Department, where her primary scholarly area is nineteenth-century British literature and culture, particularly the novel... Read more

Dr. Diane Facinelli

Assistant Dean for Global Affairs & Clinical Professor

Dr. Diane Facinelli was a faculty member in Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University from 1993 to 2014. She was the first recipient of ASU’s Faculty Achievement Award for Excellence in Student Mentoring and has been a finalist for the Professor of the Year Award... Read more

Dr. Kristina Bross

Associate Dean of Research and Creative Endeavors

Kristina Bross is a member of Purdue’s Teaching Academy and is enrolled in the Book of Great Teachers. She is a recipient of the Charles B. Murphy Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award, received a Center for Undergraduate Instructional Excellence (CUIE) fellowship and was a Service-Learning Faculty fellow. She... Read more

Dr. Natasha Duncan

Clinical Associate Professor and Director of Honors Study Away Programs

Dr. Natasha Duncan comes to the Honors College with experience teaching honors courses and directing the Honors Program at Mercyhurst University in Erie, PA. She is a political scientist by training and teaches courses that examine the international relations among states and non-state actors. She is particularly interested in international migration... Read more

Dr. Adam Watkins

Clinical Assistant Professor and Director of the Honors Mentor Program

Adam Edward Watkins has taught composition at Purdue for seven years, receiving several awards for his teaching and pedagogical development along the way. He earned a Ph.D. in Literary Studies at Purdue as well as an MFA in Creative Writing... Read more

Dr. Dwaine Jengelley

Clinical Assistant Professor and Director of the Honors Preceptor Program

Dwaine Jengelley’s research focuses on communication in matters of international security. Currently, he examines the prominence of counterterrorism stories in the mainstream print media and the tone of news coverage... Read more

Dr. Liz Brite

Director of Engaged Learning & Clinical Assistant Professor

Liz Brite earned her Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2011. Prior to her appointment in the Purdue Honors College, she served as a postdoctoral teaching fellow in the Honors College at Auburn University, where she taught classes in sustainability, anthropology, and Central Asian studies. Read more

Dr. Zahra Tehrani

Clinical Assistant Professor and Director of Grants

Zahra Tehrani earned her Ph.D. in Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in 2011. Her doctoral research aimed to understand how pancreatic insulin-producing cells develop in the early embryo... Read more

Dr. Jason Ware

Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow and Director of Assessed Learning

Jason earned his Ph.D. in Curriculum Studies from Purdue University. Prior to his Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellow appointment within Purdue’s Honors College and Residences, Jason was a lecturer in the University’s College of Education and a faculty developer within the Center for Instructional Excellence... Read more

Dr. J. Peter Moore

Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow and Assistant Director of the Honors Mentor Program

J. Peter Moore is a literary critic, poet and editor, working at the intersection of multiple disciplines, including linguistics, architecture, visual arts and black studies. He received his PhD in English at Duke University (completing the certificate in African and African American Studies), his MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas...

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Dr. Megha Anwer

Honors Lecturer and Director of Diversity and Global Awareness

Megha Anwer received her Ph.D. in English from Purdue University in 2015. Her dissertation project "Navigating the Necropolis" explores the criminal and terroristic narratives of the city, and investigates the mobility practices of marginal populations as they navigate the violent city... Read more

Heather Servaty-Seib
Dr. Heather Servaty-Seib

Dean's Fellow For Analytical Assessment

Heather L. Servaty-Seib is a Dean’s Fellow for Analytical Assessment in Purdue’s Honors College.  She is also Professor of Counseling Psychology in the Educational Studies Department of the College of Education where her primary scholarly areas include adolescent/college student bereavement, loss/gain impact of life events, and support and communication in the grieving process. Read more