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Grade Appeals

The John Martinson Honors College has created the JMHC Grade Appeal Packet which details the steps a student must take to submit a grade appeal. Please reach out to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs if you have any questions regarding the grade appeals process and see the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities Grade Appeal Process page for additional information.

When to Appeal a Grade

You may only appeal the final grade for a course. You may appeal if: 

  • You are able to demonstrate that “an inappropriate grade was assigned as a result of prejudice, caprice [without clear reason], or other improper conditions such as mechanical error, or assignment of a grade inconsistent with those assigned other students.” 
  • You wish to challenge the reduction of a grade for alleged academic dishonesty.  

Remember that the burden of proof is on the student, except in cases of academic dishonesty, where the burden of proof is on the instructor.  

If you feel the course was poorly designed or you received poor instruction—these may be legitimate concerns but are more appropriately addressed by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. 

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