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HonorServes Committee

HonorServes Committee Shield Graphic

HonorServes is an JMHC student committee with the goal to build community between Honors College students through service to the Greater Lafayette community. We partner with three community organizations and one student-focused organization:

  • Food Finders
  • YWCA Domestic Violence Intervention and Prevention Program
  • NICHES Land Trust
  • Purdue Votes

Structure and Functionality

Students on the HonorServes Committee work together with the JMHC’s Student Community staff team. This provides leadership training to students and stability to the organization and sustains relationships with JMHC community partner organizations. Students and staff form relationships with our community partners and are able deepen these relationships over time.

Leadership and Membership

The HonorServes Executive Board includes a Student Director and two Co-chairs for each subcommittee. Board members meet regularly with JMHC staff for leadership advising and to create a consistency of mission and action for HonorServes goals. JMHC students may also join HonorServes as general members.

2023-2024 HonorServes Committee and Co-Chairs

Natalie Horgan

Student Director

Isabel Prath

Logistics Lead and Food Finders Co-Chair

Ambrea Brinkman

Food Finders Co-Chair

Siddarth Kumar

NICHES Land Trust Co-Chair



NICHES Land Trust Co-Chair

Harsh Agarwal

YWCA of Greater Lafayette Co-Chair

Emilie Chadwell

YWCA of Greater Lafayette Co-Chair

Ambrea Brnkman

Food Finders

Mithran Periassamy

Purdue Votes Co-Chair



Purdue Votes Co-Chair

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