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Programs and Traditions

Honors Traditions

The Purdue John Martinson Honors College is dedicated to providing meaningful opportunities that enhance the honors student experience. Below are descriptions for some of our recurring events, each designed to create unique opportunities for our students throughout their time in the JMHC.

Astronaut Talk

This is annual event is open to campus community and features. The event connects astronauts or notable space innovator/explorers, Purdue's Astronaut Scholars, the Leading Women Toward Space Careers program, and JMHC students.

Honors First Year Orientation

JMHC Orientation welcomes new students to our vibrant honors community. This event provides an opportunity for first-year students learn more about the college while meeting faculty, staff and student leaders. Our orientation is typically held the weekend before Fall classes begin.

Honors Across Campus

The John Martinson Honors College is an integral partner in the larger Purdue campus community with participation in time-honored traditional events such as Homecoming and Spring Fest.

Honors Holiday Party for the Good

Our Holiday Party for Good is a chance to celebrate the holiday season and enjoy a relaxing break before the end of the fall term. This cozy event features cookies, hot chocolate, and an on-site service project for students, faculty, and staff to help our local community partners.

Ignight New Student Orientation

This is a welcoming, in-person event to introduce new students to our vibrant honors community, learn more about the college, and meet each other. Orientation is typically held the weekend before classes start in the fall semester and is Part 2 of first year student's orientation. Part 1 is online.


Together with the students of HonorServes, Learn2Serve events connect the dots between issues that have local, state, national, and global aspects such as hunger, domestic violence, or land preservation. Each event features a local organization; an individual working on the issue from a state, national or global perspective, and a JMHC student who has conducted research related to the issue. These events generate a significant amount of audience discussion as we think through how we, as honors students, faculty, and staff, understand the multiple facets of an issue.

Medallion Ceremony

This fall and spring event presents each graduating honors student with a JMHC Medallion and a chance to celebrate with faculty, staff, and family members.

Third Year Bootcamp

This workshop connects second-year students with campus resources and guest speakers that best prepare them for a successful third year at Purdue. Our presenters come from across Purdue to help our students prepare for interviews, navigate formal receptions, engage responsibility with the local community, and connect with other honors students to learn about their experiences. Third year bootcamp is an excellent opportunity for second year students to continue planning for their futures and positively impacting Purdue.

Welcome Home Party

The Welcome Home Party is a recently adopted tradition of welcoming back all of our honors students at the start of the fall semester to reconnect with the college and join in on the excitement of a new academic year. In the weeks following the Welcome home party, we host reunion events for each cohort of students: second year students can look forward to Bingo, third year students bowl at Rack and Roll in the PMU, and 4th year students enjoy a night of musical trivia.

Deans Events

Each academic year, we offer students a chance to meet the deans of their disciplinary college and of JMHC to discuss how to make the most out of the intersection between the two colleges.

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