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Kristen Bellisario

Clinical Assistant Professor & Faculty Fellow with Center for Global Soundscapes



B.Mus. California State University, Long Beach, M.F.A. University of California, Irvine, Ph.D. Purdue University

Current Courses

HONR 49900 - Noise in the Environment
HONR 29900 - Community of Inquiry
HONR 19902 - Silence


Kristen Bellisario completed her Bachelor of Music from California State University, Long Beach, Master of Fine Arts from University of California, Irvine, and PhD from Purdue University. After completing her dissertation, “Using Computational Musicological Approaches to Characterize Spatial-Temporal Dynamics of Soundscapes in Diverse Natural and Human-Dominated Ecosystems,” she completed a three-year postdoctoral study with the Purdue Center for Global Soundscapes focusing on wildlife and mosquito wingbeats detection methods using AI computational methods.

She is an interdisciplinary STEM researcher and educator interested in unraveling the patterns in natural sounds, text, and structured data using machine learning techniques -- to help with the real-world problems of biodiversity loss, noise pollution, infectious disease and invasive species, and concerns related to co-habitation of spaces with wildlife and people. My leisurely activities involve spending time with family, rehabbing natural spaces and wild animals, exploring museum spaces, attending historical events and reenactments, and playing an instrument from my eclectic musical instrument collection.

Personal Website

Recent Publications

Wagner, R. G., Bellisario, K. M., & Kong, N. N. (2022). Change in Doctoral Dissertation Topics in Forest Resources from US Universities Over Four Decades.Forest Science,68(2), 228-238.

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Salazar, K., Utley, L., Pijanowski, B.C., Walker, D., Doucette, J., Bellisario, K. Miller, B., Wiley, M., and Rutherford, E.. (2020). With GIS, Communities See How Land-Use Changes May Affect Local Water Quality. Esri ArcNews. Winter Issue.

Ulybyshev, D. & Bellisario, K, (2020) “EHR Protection in Transit and at Rest.” IEEE 33rd International Symposium on Computer Based Medical Systems (CBMS), Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN. June 2020 (postponed due to COVID-19).

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Awards and Accolades

Purdue College of Agriculture TEAM Award recipient, Tipping Point Planner Project (2020-2021)

Global Engineering Programs and Partnerships: Shah Family Global Innovation Lab - finalist and recipient of Shah Seed Grant for "Sensor Technologies for Real-Time Monitoring of Mosquito Populations through Heat Maps" (2020-2021)

NSF iCorps Program: selected as Entrepreneurial Lead for "Digital Nature: Informal STEM project" (2018-2019)

Purdue Travel Grant, Eco-acoustics Congress, Brisbane, Australia (2018)

Purdue FNR Symposium, PhD Research, 1st Place (2018)

Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship (2018)

Purdue FNR Symposium, PhD Research, Honorable Mention (2017)

TEDxPurdueU, “Mission to Record the Earth.” Purdue University, Indiana, April 2016.
"Like a marriage of music and math, Kristen Bellisario's work is a refreshing and transformative approach to understanding ecological changes through computational analysis of the natural acoustic environment." — John Cirucci, Spatial Analytics

Purdue FNR Symposium, PhD Research, 2nd Place (2015)

Contact Info

HCRN 1075

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