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Dr. J. Peter Moore

Clinical Assistant Professor & Director of Creative Projects


J. Peter Moore

J. Peter Moore teaches and writes on U.S. literature and culture, particularly modern and contemporary poetry and poetics, aesthetic theory and African-American literature. He also works in the overlapping fields of material culture and print history, establishing and directing Purdue University’s first letterpress makerspace, The Print Bay. His book project, Vernacular Poetics in an Era of Vernacular Studies, examines the emergence of the term “vernacular” as an analytical category in the years following the Second World War across a number of socialscientific academic disciplines, reading this trend in relation to concurrent poetic theories of the vernacular, in an effort to explore competing ideas about the nature of informal knowledge production. He is the author of two poetry collections, Southern Colortype (Three Count Pour, 2013) and Zippers and Jeans (selva oscura, 2017) and the editor and co-founder of Lute & Drum: An Online Arts Journal. As a member of the Honors College, he has been able to develop a number of courses based upon his research on postwar vernacular studies. These include an interdisciplinary writing course on theories of everyday life, a topics course on radical black aesthetics and a letterpress studio practicum on the history of the poetry broadside. Dr. Moore is also the Director of Creative Scholarly Projects in the Honors College, where he advises students on proposing and completing creative projects in fulfillment of capstone degree requirements.

Recent Peer-reviewed Publications:
Moore, J. Peter. Robert Duncan and the Vernacular of Preliteracy. Sillages Critiques. 29, 2020.

Recent Reviews in Popular Press:
Moore, J. Peter. “Poems That Playfully Rework the Conventions of Life Writing.” Hyperallergic. 8/22/20:

Moore, J. Peter. “The Fertilizing Power of Funk.” Hyperallergic. 5/30/20:

Moore, J. Peter. “Rhythm, Divination, and Naming in Jay Wright’s Poetry.” Hyperallergic. 1/4/20:

Moore, J. Peter. “Poems About Unending Displacement and Mobility.” Hyperallergic. 5/5/19:

Moore, J. Peter. “Geoffrey O’Brien’s Poetics of Compression.” Hyperallergic. 1/13/19:

Contact Info

HCRS 1074

Creative Project Weekly Office Hours:
Wednesday 3-4 PM only by appointment.