Dr. J. Peter Moore

Clinical Assistant Professor & Assistant Director of Honors Mentor Program

Dr. Pete Moore


J. Peter Moore is a literary critic, poet and editor, working at the intersection of multiple disciplines, including linguistics, architecture, visual arts and black studies. He received his PhD in English at Duke University (completing the certificate in African and African American Studies), his MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas and his BA in English at Rhodes College. His book project, Other Than a Citizen: Vernacular Poetics in Postwar America, examines the work of avant-garde poets who turned to the unadorned, anonymous practices of everyday life to find a model for countering the institutional regimentation of the postwar social world.

In teaching, his principal objective is to inspire students to explore the popular, the political and the utterly inane in search of an artfulness that is everywhere denied. He has taught courses across a range of subjects, from advertising and hip hop to creative writing and literary theory. As a member of the Honors College, he has been able to develop a number of dream courses, which include an interdisciplinary history of slang, a writing course on the films of Quentin Tarantino, and a small-press studio practicum.

He is the author of two poetry collections, Southern Colortype (Three Count Pour, 2013) and Zippers and Jeans (forthcoming), and the editor and co-founder of Lute & Drum: An Online Arts Quarterly. When he is not writing or talking about writing, he can be found behind the three-point line, working on his shot.

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