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The Purdue John Martinson Honors College is a residential college that seeks to educate the whole student and bridge the gap between curricular and extracurricular learning. The John Martinson Honors College hopes to draw curious, motivated, and dedicated students who want to be a part of a diverse community of scholars.

To apply, you must indicate your interest in the John Martinson Honors College on your Purdue Common Application before the November 1 Early Action deadline. You will then be given two prompts to answer regarding your affinity for the John Martinson Honors College.

John Martinson Honors College decisions will be released by the end of February each year.

Additional details about applying can be found in our knowledge base article.

  • The Purdue John Martinson Honors College admits future first-year students who have completed the Honors College portion of their Purdue Application.
  • The selection process for John Martinson Honors College invitations is holistic. GPA, test scores, aptitude for interdisciplinary learning, leadership and engagement are all considered.
  • Students must agree to complete the John Martinson Honors College curriculum.
  • If you are admitted to the John Martinson Honors College, you must accept your admission through your MyPurdue portal. Accepting Purdue admission and accepting John Martinson Honors College admission are separate processes. You must accept your offer to the Honors College no later than May 5.
  • To live in an Honors Residential Community, you must also sign a valid housing contract. Students interested in living in an Honors Residential Community (on-campus housing in University Residences) should visit the housing website for information about availability and contracting. 
  • The John Martinson Honors College cannot sign housing contracts for honors students. If students wish to live on-campus (University Residences) in an Honors Residential Community, then they need to sign a housing contract. If new first-year students miss the May 5 housing contract deadline, they will not receive an exception in connection with their John Martinson Honors College affiliation. Students will need to contact the University Residences Central Assignments Office and request placement on the housing contract waitlist if interested in on-campus housing.

The deadlines listed above are subject to change without notice. Please check back periodically for the most current information.

You can learn what visit opportunities are available on our visit page.

The Four Pillars of Our Education

John Martinson Honors College courses challenge students to venture outside a single field of study to develop holistic thinking and problem-solving skills. Students work with and learn from one another in small seminars led by faculty from across campus. These courses promote community, develop collaboration, and foster strong leadership.
Students in the John Martinson Honors College get an early introduction to research. Working with Purdue faculty, they will discover first-hand how research advances human knowledge. All John Martinson Honors College students complete research leading to a scholarly or creative project. This experience provides a strong foundation to enter a career or graduate school.
The Purdue John Martinson Honors College takes learning far beyond the classroom with meaningful experiences designed to enhance your honors education. Our scholarly community embraces peer-to-peer learning and offers each student an inclusive environment, where they can grow and learn. We aim to prepare students for the world by exposing them to new ideas, cultures, and locations. Through specialized programs, events, and study abroad opportunities our students connect with faculty, each other, and the world beyond.
John Martinson Honors College students make an impact on campus beginning their first semester. Each member of our scholarly community is called to explore a myriad of leadership opportunities. Our robust leadership structure offers students the chance to develop a wide range of skill sets, with an emphasis on collaborative team work. Our students will lead the future.

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