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Honors College & Residences Building

Here are some fun facts about the Honors College & Residences Buildings:

  • There are two buildings (North and South) connected by a tunnel underneath.
  • We have singles, doubles, triples, and quads available (all with A/C) in our two buildings.
  • The residential floors feature pod-style housing with several rooms located around a restroom pod.
  • All the wood in the Honors College & Residences is locally sourced from Indiana.
  • 100% of the vegetation around our two buildings is native to Indiana.
    • 90% of the vegetation is edible.
  • Our buildings are six stories tall plus a basement.
    • The first floor is academic space. Floors two through six are residential and the basement has laundry, a game room, music practice rooms, and other amenities.
  •  Both the North and South buildings have kitchens for students to cook in.
    • Cooking utensils are provided—students just need to bring the food they wish to cook.
  • Each floor in the North and South building combine to create a House to compete in competitions. There are five houses: Copper, Palladium, Platinum, Silver, and Titanium.

Honors Residential Communities

In addition to our Honors College and Residences, Honors students live in Winifred Parker Hall and Duhme Hall.

Visit Opportunities

Want to visit us in person? Check out visit opportunities below.

Self-Guided Honors Tour

Follow along for a self-guided tour of the Honors College. This guide was designed to begin standing at the front desk of the Honors College and Residences North Building.