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Scholarly Project Grants

John Martinson Honors College Scholarly Project Grants are available to JMHC students in good standing. Students may request awards up to $1000 to support research travel, the purchase of research supplies, or for research dissemination (e.g., participation at academic conferences). Scholarly Project Grants are intended to support completion of the scholarly project; however, students do not need to have an approved scholarly project proposal to be considered for an award. Applications for exploratory work that is intended to lead to a scholarly project will also be considered.

Students may request funding for reimbursement of expenses already incurred, though the John Martinson Honors College cannot guarantee an award will be made in these cases. Questions or who are interested in receiving grants when the application is closed may contact the grants administrator, Dr. Chaonan Liu,

Grant Application

The application period is from September 10, 2024 - March 20, 2025.

Apply For Grants

PDF - Grant Proposal Questions

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