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Honors Contract Courses

An honors contract is an agreement between an undergraduate student and a faculty instructor that allows the student to turn a standard course into an honors course. 

In general, honors contracts allow the student to go beyond the material of the regular course and to produce more sophisticated work. A student may, for example, delve more deeply into methodology, structure, theory, or application; perform additional or alternative research; develop a service project; or present findings in some format.

Honors Contracts are due by the second Friday of the semester. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Honors Contracting cover page (for Honors College students)
Honors Contracting Form, Procedure and FAQs

If you are contracting a course in any other disciplinary college, please use the normal contracting form. Starting in spring 2022, all students MUST request an Honors (H) Grade Mode Change using the Scheduling Assistant in myPurdue.

*If H grade mode is not an option the advisor should email Pamela Jenkins in the Catalog & Curriculum team at to request the H grade mode be added so student may initiate request.