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Leadership Development Toolkit

Our leadership resources allow students to take control of their development, and take it further. In the John Martinson Honors College, we believe everyone has leadership potential and our goal is to provide learning tools and experiences that help students cultivate a well-rounded skillset. We offer chances to engage with inspiring leadership speakers as well as fun Teamwork Game Labs where students can hone their collaboration skills through dynamic activities. Explore below what our unit has to offer to students outside of leadership courses.

HCLD Email List and Linktree

Want to stay on the path toward leadership excellence?? Join our email list to receive notifications about leadership opportunities, speakers, awards, grants, and much more! Complete this brief form to get added to the John Martinson Honors College Leadership Development (HCLD) email list. Also, be sure to check out our linktree to access event sign-ups and more!

Leadership Enhancement Grant

Leadership Enhancement Grants provide students with the resources they need to continue their leadership development. Students can apply for a Leadership Enhancement Grant to cover the study away fee for the Honors Leadership Retreat (based on need). Or, the Leadership Enhancement Grant can also be used to fund attendance or presentations at relevant conferences (up to $1,200 per student). To learn more about this grant and how to apply, reach out to

Lead Forward Luminaries Series

Each academic year, a number of Leadership Luminaries will be brought to campus to provide additional instruction and inspiration to program participants.These luminaries will consist of leaders who have promoted diverse causes -- such as social and tech justice, equal rights, health and wellbeing, environmentalism, etc. -- through social movements, public action, social entrepreneurship, non-profit organization, etc. Students will have opportunities to ask questions and gain valuable insights into how to grow as a leader and make a social impact.

Teamwork Game Labs

Are you interested in becoming a team-building master? Do you want to explore the intricacies of collaboration through fun and challenging games and activities? The Teamwork Game Lab provides students with an exciting way to experiment with team- building activities and explore cutting-edge ideas about effective teamwork. Each session is geared around a research-based teamwork principle, with activities tailored to explore the meanings and nuances of that principle.

Honors Leadership Toolbox

Our Leadership Toolbox video series gives John Martinson Honors College students the tools they need to succeed academically, on campus and on the job market. The topics we cover -- including conflict management, networking, collaboration and social responsibility -- can be instantly applied to real world situations. Tap into your strengths, awaken them in others, dig into your Leadership Toolbox!

Leadership & Professional Development Competency Videos

The John Martinson Honors College teamed up with the Roger C. Stewart Leadership & Professional Development Department to create the LPD Competencies Video Series. In each brief video, a Purdue alumni shares their experience with one of the twenty leadership and professional development competencies, highlighting how it has shaped their success after college and how they were able to develop this competency while at Purdue. These engaging videos offer students a deeper understanding of the skills that will shape their own future achievements.

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