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Research Generators are communities of inquiry that are designed to jumpstart new or expanded research led by teams of faculty, staff researchers, and students. RGs cultivate research thinking and enable students to complete their scholarly project requirement through course offerings and non-credit-bearing experiential learning. RGs each have a broad, interdisciplinary theme and welcome students from any major. Faculty/staff members in fields associated with the theme are invited each year to become affiliates. Initial funding of new research generators is for a three-year period.


PATTeRN: Print as Art, Text, Technology-Research, a JMHC Research Generator

type.jpgPATTeRN (Performance, Art,Text,Technology Research Network) offers undergraduate students the opportunity to collaborate with established practitioners in the creative and industrial arts, on projects that confront social, historical and political contexts by traversing the line between elevated and informal culture. The research conducted in conjunction with PATTeRN addresses two primary questions: What are the forms of communication that define everyday life? How can art make use of these forms to offer new perspectives on our collective condition? While there are countless ways in which artists engage with the expressive power of common patterns, this interdisciplinary network of artists, designers, performers and writers coheres around a shared interest in the experimental possibilities of repetition and permutation.

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TREKS Transformative Research via Engaged Knowledge and Scholarship 

The Transformative Scholarship Research Generator exists to bring local, regional, national, and international students. faculty, industries, and communities together to develop engaged undergraduate scholars equipped to change the world through the co-creation of knowledge and mutually beneficial projects, tools, and resources focused on improving the quality of life.

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Interdisciplinary Sports Studies

outdoor-sports-and-yoga-2021-12-14-19-45-28-utc.jpgResearch Generator: Interdisciplinary Sports Studies

 ISS is an interdisciplinary network of scholars, practitioners, and students from Purdue University, the United States, and around the world whose research, teaching, practice, or learning interests intersect with sports. The community is undergraduate student-centered, where faculty and staff guide the direction of the generator. Our members examine sports from various perspectives including not limited to history, culture, media, science, engineering, technology, economics, politics, race, class, and gender.

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