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Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Applications for Fall 2024 will be accepted starting on March 6, 2024.

Program Overview

The Undergraduate Research Fellowship (URF) is a credit-bearing opportunity for students in the JMHC who want to begin engaging in STEM research at Purdue to complete a scholarly project. Students will be matched with a faculty advisor and graduate student mentor who will introduce them to research techniques used in science, engineering, or technology fields, and provide mentorship in key areas of professional development for advancing education or research careers.

Research fellows will work with their mentor on a research project in the fall semester and receive honors credit by enrolling in 1-3 credits of independent research in the department of the faculty advisor. Fellows should expect to spend 3 hours per week per credit hour on research, similar to the time required for lab courses. Fellows may continue working in the same lab during the spring semester with the permission of the faculty advisor/principal investigator. 

The program will also provide students with a community of practice where they can connect with other fellows, reflect on their research experiences, and receive additional professional development support. These monthly meetings will be facilitated by past fellows who have successfully completed a scholarly project through the fellowship and the program’s organizers.

Procedures for Applying

Applications for Fall 2024 will be accepted starting on March 6, 2024. 

Questions can be directed to the program director Dr. Zahra Tehrani (, Clinical Assistant Professor, John Martinson Honors College .

The Scholarly Project

As part of the curriculum, students in the JMHC are required to complete a “ scholarly project” (SP), or a sustained research experience that generates new knowledge. Results of this research project should be presented in a public forum (e.g., Purdue Undergraduate Research Conference). Fellows who choose to satisfy this college requirement through the Undergraduate Research Fellowship will need to have a project proposal accepted by the SP committee. You may propose during the fall or spring semesters. Typically, students complete a SP over two or more semesters by enrolling 2-3 credits per semester


We are looking for highly motivated students who are eager to learn and gain hands-on research
experience. No prior research experience is necessary. Students who are already working on a
scholarly project or have completed a scholarly project are ineligible.At the JMHC, we prioritize building a more inclusive environment for all students to discover their
research potential and pursue scholarly endeavors. Providing effective mentorship is an integral
part of this commitment. This is why we responded to the challenge laid out by the National Science
Foundation to increase the representation and success of historically underrepresented students in
STEM fields by creating Undergraduate Research Fellowship. While we invite applications from allPage 2 of 2
Purdue Honors College students who fit the eligibility criteria, we particularly welcome applications
from Black, Latinx, Native American, Pacific Islander, first-generation college, and international

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