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Research Accelerator Living and Learning Community

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Research Accelerator Living and Learning Community

At Purdue, our research addresses societal challenges and improves lives. Enter the Research Accelerator, an interdisciplinary living-learning community open to students from every college, program and major across Purdue’s campus. In the Research Accelerator, first-year students design and conduct independent, collaborative, and community-focused research projects alongside interdisciplinary faculty and engaged peers. Participants learn valuable research skills, have access to a strong network of resources, and develop a supportive community as they jumpstart their undergraduate research journey.

Research Accelerator scholars gain...

  • A deeper understanding of interdisciplinary and discipline-specific research

  • A “Researcher” identity, based on a shared understanding of how to ask questions, develop a research plan, and conduct a research project

  • A supportive community of peers, staff, and faculty across disciplines, colleges, and backgrounds

  • A plan and access to a wide variety of resources to continue undergraduate research at Purdue

  • A varied and immersive residential extracurricular calendar connecting scholars to an academic and social network of support

  • Experience conducting hands-on research projects: an individual project, a team project, and a collaborative community research project.

  • Up to 5 Honors College credits and the opportunity for direct admission to the John Martinson Honors College after successful completion of the two-course sequence

    Students from any major can apply. We are looking for students who are interested in developing interdisciplinary research skills and seek for their research to benefit surrounding communities. We want participants from different backgrounds to bring their own specific knowledges to this community. No prior research experience is necessary – just your interest!