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Research Accelerator FAQs

Why should I join The Research Accelerator?

Regardless of your major or background, The Research Accelerator will provide you with a supportive network to grow your research skills and engage in real-life, collaborative research projects. Multiple studies have identified undergraduate research as a high-impact experience that is associated with higher levels of academic achievement and student satisfaction. You will explore research topics that interest you with other scholars who live in the same residence hall.

Who is The Research Accelerator intended for?

The Research Accelerator is for first-year undergraduate students from diverse research contexts who seek to develop their skills in pursuit of making research applicable to and beneficial for community members. Undergraduate students who want hands-on experience doing research within an interdisciplinary, collaborative environment are encouraged to apply.

What qualifications do I need to be admitted to Research Accelerator?

First-year beginning students admitted to any school, college or major at Purdue are welcome to apply. Students do not need to have had prior research experience to join Research Accelerator, though we welcome students who have engaged in research prior to enrolling at Purdue.

I'm in humanities/arts/social sciences/STEM/agriculture/pre-vet/business. Does my major fit into Research Accelerator?

Students in all majors are invited to join Research Accelerator. There are research opportunities for every major at Purdue, and Research Accelerator helps prepare students to make the most of these opportunities.

How many credits do I have to take?

All students are required to take the two-credit hour Research Accelerator seminar in fall and have the option to take a three-credit seminar in spring semester. All credits count as Honors credits.

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