Honors College Families

Welcome to the Purdue Honors College

Hello Parents and Families, 

Our mission at the Purdue Honors College includes improving family relations in such a way to keep you informed about your student’s experience. We believe that the more support a student has, success will be enhanced. The Torch Club has been established as a way to involve all Honors College students’ legal guardians, as a way to provide communications and resources for students and their families.

-Rhonda Phillips, Ph.D.
Dean, Honors College, Purdue University

Torch Club and Torch Ambassadors

The Torch Club is a community exclusively for the family members of Purdue Honors College students. Would you like to work with Dean Phillips to provide an amazing experience for your student and help us build our community of scholars? Click here to sign up for the Torch Club and Torch Ambassadors.

Upcoming Events

Click here to see the opportunities for you and your student to interact with the college.

Family Newsletter

Learn more about what it means to be the parent of a Purdue Honors College student. Click here to read the family newsletter archive.

Recommended Reading

Click here to view a list of recommended reading by the university for parents of Boilermakers.