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Sanoar Rahman

Visiting Clinical Assistant Professor



B.A. Jahangirnagar University , M.S. Lamar University , Ph.D. Purdue University

Current Courses

HONR 19901: The Evolution of Ideas - Water

HONR 29901: Honors Mentors


I am a hydrologist and educator with teaching experience across two continents, several thousand miles apart! I received my Ph.D. in Agricultural and Biological Engineering from Purdue University. The areas of research I have undertaken in the past include statistical analysis of data to support decision-making in an environment of increasing environmental risks, as well as evaluating the Best Management Practices (BMPs) necessary to achieve significant water quality improvement for meaningful impact on water quality.

My current research focuses on the quantification of future spatial and temporal variability of water resources taking human alterations and climatic factors into account in order to better quantify water resources. Moving forward, I would like to contribute to the area of water resource management to support proactive planning for water needs in the future.

In my role as an educator, I always keep in mind that students have a variety of abilities and interests, and it's imperative to cater to their needs accordingly. Outside of work, I enjoy taking photographs, playing sports, and being outdoors.

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