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Tech Justice Lab Courses at Purdue






CGT 27108: UX Design Studio II: Fundamentals CGT 17208: UX Design Studio I: Fundamentals HIST 31305: Medical Devices and Innovation AD 395: History of Design HONR 399/ILS 395: #Anonymous: An Identity Politics of the Internet HONR 460: Technological Justice AS 301: American Conspiracy Theories HONR 399: Surveillance and Society HIST 48005: Madness and the Asylum in the US HIST 31305: Medical Devices and Innovation ILS 59500: GIS for Humanities and Social Science Research ANTH 392: Medicine, Science, Culture CGT 390/CGT 572: "Critical Approaches to Interaction Design" Course # TBD: "Disability and Technoscience" HONR 19903: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Academic Writing ILS 495H: Health Literacy Instruction in Indiana