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Let's Meet a Few of our John Martinson Honors College Supporters

Linda Felt

Linda and Lee Felt
Photo courtesy: Allure West Studios

Linda Felt

Purdue '70

College of Liberal Arts

What inspired you to donate to the John Martinson Honors College? Is there something about the college's curriculum and educational approach that captured your attention?

While I attended Purdue from 1967 to 1970, I was part of the Humanities Honors Program and was fortunate to graduate with Honors with a degree in German. I followed an Honors curriculum and got to know a number of other students in the program. I wrote a thesis, but really didn’t know anyone else who was doing so. Even in student teaching there was no supportive student interaction. What I love about the Honors College is the residential opportunity to connect with other Honors students. By graduating in 3 years, I missed a lot of the social benefits that Purdue offered, so I believe that the residential component of the Honors College will help current and future students to enjoy a well-rounded university experience. Even though I was not able to teach German, I had a wonderful career based on my liberal arts education and graduate work in guidance and counseling.

What is your wish or hope for John Martinson Honors College students?

My wish for those who graduate from the Honors College is that they recognize their academic talent as a gift and their success as a result of hard work and choices. One small piece of advice is to never miss an opportunity to celebrate a milestone.

One of my heroes at Purdue was Eloise Warren; she was my academic counselor and friend. She helped me to put together a 3-year plan that would enable me to graduate with teaching credentials and to complete the Humanities Honor curriculum. My decision to make a planned gift to Purdue is partly based on my gratitude to Ms. Warren. Her dedication to her advisees was amazing, and she served as a role model for me throughout my career.

Can you tell us more about yourself and your background?

I recently retired after 25 years as Vice President of Development of Doylestown Hospital in Pennsylvania. Previously, I held fundraising with positions at Delaware Valley College, Miami Valley Hospital, Michigan State University and the Indianapolis Museum of Art. I know serve as volunteer fundraising chair for the Bucks County Choral Society, with my husband, Lee, who is the Executive Director. I have a son, Clint (ChemE ’96), and two granddaughters living in Houston, TX.

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