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Let's meet a few of our John Martinson Honors College supporters

Adam Kline

Adam Kline

Purdue '94

College of Liberal Arts

What inspired you to donate to the John Martinson Honors College? Is there something about the college's curriculum and educational approach that captured your attention?

I am really impressed with the approach to integrate new technology into the building, technology that enhances collaboration. Strong careers are built on the ability to problem solve with others, and the Honors College is clearly invested in helping students learn how to work together.

What is your wish or hope for John Martinson Honors College students?

Be involved! Truly take advantage of the college's focus on leadership development. You will have a killer career, in any field, if you learn to lead. Learn to embrace new challenges, constantly, let the butterflies in your belly be your fuel to greatness. Get out in front and lead.

Can you tell us more about yourself and your background?

I graduated from the College of Liberal Arts in '94 (oy vey). I began my career as a graphic designer at a daily newspaper, then at Parade magazine. Eventually, I became a creative director at an ad agency, and today I run that agency with my two partners. I live with my partner and my dog Bowie in New York City, my home for the last twenty years. As you can tell from my answers above, my time at Purdue was spent joining every organization that I possibly could. 

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