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AD 395: History of Design


Instructor HONR 399/ILS 395: #Anonymous: An Identity Politics of the Internet
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AD 395: History of Design

Typically offered Fall Semester

Instructor: Dr. Jennifer Kaufmann-Buhler


*Open to all students. H credit possible.*

This course is a survey of the history of design from 1750 to present with an emphasis on designers, workers/makers, consumers, and users as well as the broader social, cultural, political, economic, and technological contexts of design production, consumption, and use. In addition to providing an overview of the major stylistic movements in American and European design history covering a range of design disciplines (particularly industrial design, graphic design, interior design, and fashion), this course will also explore some of the broader issues, problems, and ideas in the development of design practice internationally. Students will read scholarly and primary texts, watch films, and engage in activities designed to develop critical analysis and research skills in the field of design history.