Curriculum Requirements

The Honors College curriculum brings together the disciplinary strength for which Purdue University is so well known with the interdisciplinary breadth of specialized honors courses taught by award winning professors. As dual-enrolled students, both in the Honors College and their disciplinary college, students take courses both within the Honors College and within their home discipline.

All Honors College students take an introductory course together during their first year. The course features speakers from across the university and introduces students to the breadth of scholarship at Purdue. This first-year experience fosters community and collaboration among students, who pursue group projects of their own design.

Honors students take numerous kinds of honors courses during their time at Purdue: small, honors-only seminars, honors classes within their disciplines, and research work that leads to the production of a senior honors thesis or scholarly project.

Honors College Requirements

5 HONR Credits *2 credits from the first year seminar 3 credits of HONR designated courses
19 Honors Electives HONR courses beyond the first 5 HONR credits H designated courses and/or honors contract courses Non-required grad level courses and/or research** 9 credits must be taken after the 1st year
Good Standing Maintain at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA, take at least one honors course per academic year excluding full semesters during which students study abroad, and complete an annual honors advising appointment.
Thesis or Scholarly Project Research or other scholarly activity that leads to a culminating thesis/comparable scholarly project.***

***A student must engage in a sustained project, either on or off campus, in which the student creates new knowledge. Click here to learn more about the scholarly or creative project.


*Continuing students must take 5 credits of HONR designated courses. Click here to download a pdf version of the curriculum.

**Graduate-level courses refers to “selectives” allowed by the undergraduate plan of study, but not required by the plan of study (please confirm with your honors advisor). Supervised research courses (e.g., undergraduate research, directed study, independent research, honors thesis)—can fulfill a maximum of 12 credits towards a student’s total of 24.