Housed within the Honors College, NISO supports Purdue’s most outstanding students across campus. Our mission is to encourage and assist students with excellent academic records to apply for prestigious, highly competitive and selective national and international awards. Most of the scholarships we coordinate – such as the Rhodes Scholarship, Barry Goldwater Scholarship, or Fulbright Grants – require that students be nominated by Purdue. We prepare students to apply for these awards and help them through their applications. The scholarships allow students to pursue a wide range of opportunities within the U.S. and around the globe including study abroad, undergraduate and graduate studies, research, and teaching assistantships. NISO collaborates with Purdue faculty and staff to identify and support potential scholars early in their undergraduate career.

Applying for a national or international scholarship can be a great learning experience. Our office provides a variety of advising resources to help students assess their scholarship potential, understand the steps they should take to reach their goals, and put together a great application.


Veronica Schirm, Director

National & International Scholarships Office
HCRS 1056
Purdue University Honors College
205 N. Russell St.
West Lafayette, IN 47906

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