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Honors Community Connects Digitally Through Phone App

Aug 19, 2022

John Martinson Honors College students to implement Suitable App to track progress, earn points.

For students in the John Martinson Honors College, there’s a new way to connect to the honors community experience, and earn rewards at the same time!

Starting this year, students can digitally engage with their community by downloading the Suitable student engagement app on their phones. By joining their live honors community to the digital world, students can use the app to keep track of and mark attendance at honors college events and earn badges toward honors competencies. These competencies correspond to important aspects of the honors experience such as undergraduate research, leadership development, global and community engagement, interdisciplinary academics, and belonging, equity, and inclusion among many others. The app also makes it easy for students to follow their honors college progress with seamless tracking of milestones and goals including steps towards the honors scholarly project.

Participation in the app will help honors students stay connected and engaged while feeling accomplished with each step.

Suitable is available for download to all honors college students and can be found in both Apple and Google Play app stores. To login, students simply use their Purdue accounts and can start earning points right away!