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Study Away Opportunities

Purdue has made a commitment to making Study Abroad affordable through guaranteed scholarships based on financial need. Learn more about the Purdue Moves scholarship for summer and semester-long programs as well as other scholarships.

October Break 2021

HONR 29900 – Architecture in Chicago (1 credit)

Dr. Pete Moore / October Break

The city of Chicago is synonymous with architectural feats of wonder. But as much as it is the setting for innovative design and poetic dwelling, it is also the scene of built problems, a city commonly criticized for its neglect of public housing as well as its segregative plans for urban renewal.

This three-day course will engage with these issues through an immersive tour of architectural sites in Chicago.

Day one will feature a general exploration of the city’s landmarks, including a boat tour of iconic lakeshore landmarks.

Day two will focus on the work of famed architect Mies van der Rohe, examining his contributions to the Illinois Institute of Technology campus.

Day three will move into the contemporary moment, with a guided survey of the work of Theaster Gates, an artist committed to rescuing buildings in the predominantly black Southside neighborhoods, turning them into communal spaces for creative endeavor.

There is an additional fee for this course, which includes transportation, lodging, and some meals.

HONR 29900 – Honors Leadership Retreat (1 credit)

Dr. Adam Watkins / October Break

No one is born a leader. Some simply choose a different road.

This course is for first-year Honors students who want to take meaningful steps on the path to becoming an exceptional undergraduate leader. “Honors Leadership Retreat” is a two-day, one-night retreat to Camp Tecumseh over Fall Break, where students can explore principles of leadership excellence in a fun, supportive, low-stakes environment.

The course will involve a variety of engaging activities and challenges that will allow students to investigate best leadership practices. The fundamental tenets of the Leadership Development Pillar will be explored, including self-reflection, working collectively toward a greater vision, and commitment to inclusion and equity.

The retreat will also provide insights on how to attain and thrive in undergraduate leadership positions, as well as a meaningful opportunity for motivated students to connect and bond.

There is an additional fee for this course, which includes transportation, lodging, and meals.

Fall 2021 (Full Semester)

HONR 29900 - Solutions Lab Global

Instructor: Dr. Nathan Swanson
Dates: 10.30–11.20am EST Thursdays (Fall 2021)
Credits: 1 credit, 16 weeks
Synchronous Online

In this course, students from Purdue University (West Lafayette, Indiana) and Unisinos (São Leopoldo, Brazil) will collaborate virtually in interdisciplinary teams to identify solutions to a major global challenge. The theme for 2021 is “Designing for the Next Pandemic.” At the start of the course, students at both universities will meet together as a class to learn about the topic from a range of disciplinary perspectives through guest lectures, assigned readings, and class discussions. Students will then be divided into interdisciplinary teams with members from both universities and provided a prompt related to this year’s theme. Teams will spend several weeks of the course focused on researching, developing, and packaging their solutions, before presenting them publicly at the end of the term. In addition to increasing knowledge of the topic and improving teamwork skills, students in this course will advance in intercultural knowledge, skills, and attitudes through their international collaborative experience.


Spring 2022 (Full Semester)

University of Exeter Exchange

Early January through mid-June 2022

University of Exeter offers exchange students the opportunity to choose classes from over 30 departments at this world-class university. With over 200 student societies and 50 sports clubs, the University of Exeter offers you an opportunity to continue developing your skills outside of the classroom while living in one of the most beautiful areas of the UK.

Direct Credit is available from the College of Liberal Arts and Krannert School of Management, but students in any Purdue college are eligible to enroll. You will earn a semester’s worth of credits at Exeter, including up to 8 HONR credits through the research and intercultural components of this unique exchange program.

Research Component

Students on this research exchange will be studying and recovering the travels and speeches of Frederick Douglass, the great 19th-century writer, orator, and advocate for abolition and equality. Douglass, who escaped slavery in 1838, became a sought-after speaker in abolitionist circles.

The Exeter exchange project will be investigating Douglass’s speaking tour in Indiana in 1843, during which he was attacked and seriously injured, and then we will turn our attention to his travels two years later in Great Britain. From 1845-1847 he travelled extensively in Ireland and England, including to Exeter, where he told an admiring crowd on August 28, 1846, “I tell you that it is a good thing to be in England, I like it.”

Students will begin their preparation for study abroad in the second half of fall semester in a 1-credit reading seminar led by Professor Kristina Bross (Associate Dean of Research and Creative Endeavors, Honors College). We will read from Douglass’s works, including his autobiography, and dive into contextual materials, especially about the abolition and anti-slavery movements in the United States and Great Britain.

During their semester at Exeter, students will enroll in research hours under the supervision of Professor Sinéad Moynihan, and continue their investigation into Douglass’s legacy in Indiana and the UK. Students will be designing research projects, which can range from traditional thesis work drawing on Exeter archives to engaged work in the community, such as designing and implementing cultural heritage materials for tourists based on Douglass’s oratory in South West England.

The Exeter exchange project may be developed into a scholarly project in the Honors College—contact Professor Bross to talk about possibilities! 

Scholarship Information: Financial aid is available for study abroad programs. US Citizens and permanent residents are eligible for Purdue Moves scholarships if their Total Family Income indicated on the FAFSA is below $150,001. Awards range from $2000 to $5000, depending on income. To learn more about Purdue Moves, see

Application deadline: September 15, 2021. Space is limited! Watch for a call-out announcement in early Fall 2021!

More information:

Galilean School of Higher Education

More information:

University of Padova website

Purdue Study Abroad program listing

Spring Break 2022

Culture and Commerce in Central Europe

Rotterdam, Netherlands and Munich, Germany

Program Dates: March 12-20, 2022

Faculty Member: Jim Tanoos

Number of Credits: 2

Students will fully experience the dynamic Central European cities of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and Munich, Germany, for four days each.  They will take part in tours and excursions associated with the overarching themes of culture and commerce.

Estimated Program Cost: $1,200

Not included in estimated cost: airfare and some meals

Callout Dates:

September 1 10:15am (Virtual)

October 25 5:15pm (In-Person) HCRS 1054

Learm more and apply:

Global Problems, Global Solutions: Problem-Solving Across Borders in Brazil

Porto Alegre, Brazil

Program Dates: March 12-19, 2022

Faculty Member: Natasha Duncan

Number of Credits: 2

Designing and implementing solutions to major global challenges requires interdisciplinary thinking, collaboration skills, and intercultural competencies. These are all put into practice in the “Solutions Lab Global” class in which Purdue students work virtually with students at Unisinos in Brazil to develop solutions to a global problem, the Fall 2021 theme being “Designing for the Next Pandemic.” This Spring Break study abroad program flows from this course, enriching the virtual experience with a visit to Unisinos. Participants will learn about student life in Brazil, interact with Brazilian peers, visit sights in Porto Alegre, explore the local region, and be immersed in Brazilian culture through home stays and program activities. Note: Completion of Solutions Lab Global is not a requirement, but those students will be given first priority.

Estimated Program Cost: $250

Not included in estimated cost: airfare and some meals

Callout Dates: November 30

Learm more and apply:

One Week, Three Nations: Territory, Identity, and Belonging in 21st Century Britain

London, Cardiff, and Edinburgh, UK  

Program Dates: March 12-20, 2022

Faculty Member: Nathan Swanson  

Number of Credits: 3

The exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union has made questions of territory, identity and belonging in Britain as salient as ever. Throughout the process of breaking away from Europe, Brexit has exposed and renewed deep divides within the UK, as the boundaries of British identity and its meaning in the 21st century are openly contested, especially in relation to the UK’s diverse migrant communities and others at the margins of society. Some in the UK are even turning away from “Britain” as a source of collective identity altogether, renewing interest in Scottish and, to a lesser extent, Welsh nationalism.

This study abroad program will focus on these developments and allow us to witness them first-hand as we visit England, Wales, and Scotland over Spring Break. We will explore how these nations look to the past in defining themselves (and even one another), thinking critically about who is centered and who is excluded in narratives of the nation. With attention to the experiences of Black British people, migrant communities, and other historically marginalized populations in the UK today, we will interrogate the dissonance that so often exists between national politics and the everyday lives of ordinary people.

With the island of Great Britain as our classroom, we will visit major historical sites and world-class museums, join local guides for unique tours of cities and neighborhoods, meet with guest speakers, and experience a diverse range of cultures and natural landscapes. 

Students will earn 3 credits of HONR 299 for this study away experience: 2 credits for the Spring Break portion in the UK and 1 credit for a required class meeting once each week at Purdue during the first half of the spring semester.     

Estimated Program Cost:  $1,850

Not included in estimated cost: airfare and some meals    

Callout Dates:

September 14 (Virtual)

October 6 5:30pm (In-Person) HCRS 1054

Learn more and apply:

Summer 2022

Berlin: Monumental Unrest: Berlin, Germany

Program Dates: Online/Synchronous: May 5-18, 2022; In Berlin: May 19-June 3, 2022

Faculty Members: Pete Moore & Rosanne Altstatt

Number of Credits: 4

Following the Charleston Church Massacre in 2015, protest groups and municipalities across the United States have removed over 150 Confederate memorials. If toppling a statue is an exclamation point, challenging one interpretation of history, the empty spaces that remain leave us with a lingering set of question marks.

Do monuments celebrate idealized figures, observe the tragedies of the past, or perhaps proclaim a referendum on the politics of the present? Not only have monuments come down, many have gone up: from George Floyd’s temporary memorial in Minneapolis to earthworks that elevate indigenous and to installations that tell hard truths with calls for peace and justice.

In our course we will pursue this line of inquiry by toggling between the US and Germany—looking at Berlin, a city where the past is an unavoidable part of the landscape and the discourse is longstanding. Through public monuments, its streets tell a story of European urbanization, of Germany’s Nazi past and present atonements, of people living in a divided East and West under communism and democracy, and ultimately of the spirt to endure.

In undertaking these endeavors, we will come to better understand a city where intellectuals, architects and artists have converged to ask the defining question of our time: what is the past and how does it predicate our present sense of belonging?  

Estimated program cost: $2,2500

Not included in estimated cost: airfare and some meals


Learn more and apply:

New Generation Philanthropy: Effective Altruism for Well-Being

St. Andrews, Edinburgh, and the Scottish Highlands

Program Dates:  May 9-13 (online) May 16-30, 2022

Faculty Members: Rhonda Phillips and Patsy Kraeger (Georgia Southern University)

Number of Credits: 4

Following a start in London, you will have an “Outlander” experience exploring Scotland, while learning from leading experts in the UK about effective altruism, the philosophy of how to do the most good to respond to local and global needs. St. Andrews (where the world’s oldest golf course is right on campus!) is ranked Scotland’s best university and is a leader in effective altruism studies. Well-being will also be explored in this course, including how to foster both individual and community level thriving and flourishing via philanthropic and altruistic action. We will visit philanthropic organizations in Edinburgh, home to the largest castle in Scotland. Other sights we will visit include Loch Ness and the Highlands, home to the popular television series Outlander.

Estimated program cost: $3,950

Not included in estimated cost: airfare and some meals

Callout Dates:  Thursday January 20, 2021  6:00pm: HCRS Reading Room

Learn More and Apply: Study Abroad - Purdue University



Modern Odyssey to Ancient Greece

Athens, Greece

Program Dates: May 8-29, 2022

Faculty Member: Katie Jarriel

Number of Credits: 6

Come explore ancient Greece! In this three-week Maymester course, you will climb the steps of the Parthenon, wander the labyrinth at Knossos, and visit the oracle of Delphi.

By learning about the history and mythology of ancient place, you will examine how we reconstruct the past and how heritage issues affect the present day. You will experiment with the digital reconstruction of ancient sites. You will also discuss the legacy of ancient Greece, questioning why people have tended to privilege certain aspects of history that ignore the identities of marginalized people, such as women, slaves, and foreigners.

At the end of this course, you will understand why heritage is important in modern politics and cultural identity.         

Estimated Program Cost: $5,000

Not included in estimated cost: airfare

Callout Dates:

September 15, 6:00pm (virtual) 

October 5, 5:30pm (In-Person) HCRN 1054

Learn more and apply


Italian Discoveries     

Venice, Paderno del Grappa, Florence, and Milan, Italy       

Program Dates: May 8-May 28, 2022

Faculty Member: Dino Felluga          

Number of Credits: 6

“Italian Discoveries” combines two, 3-credit HONR courses, “Da Vinci’s Renaissance” (an investigation of interdisciplinary genius and of the scientific and artistic revolutions of the Italian Renaissance) and “The Art of Travel” (an exploration of tourism and a practicum in travel writing) into a seamless whole. 

The 3-week program also brings together the best of Italy, from the rich countryside of northern Italy’s Veneto region to the sun-drenched hills of Tuscany—from famous cities to small villages known only to locals.

We begin in Paderno del Grappa, a small town in the Veneto, where we will complete a large portion of our in-class instruction. We then move to Florence, the epicenter of Renaissance art and science, from which we will enjoy a day trip to the most perfectly preserved medieval jewel of Italy, San Gimignano. We will spend our last week in Venice. With the watery city as our text book, we will discover why this unforgettable city is unique in all the world.         

Estimated Program Cost: $5,500

Not included in estimated cost: airfare        

Callout Dates:

September 15 6:30pm (In-Person) HCRS 1054

October 27 7:00pm (In-Person) HCRS 1054

Learn More and Apply:


The Splendor of Madrid Under the Habsburgs        

Madrid, Spain

Program Dates: May 15-June 11, 2022

Faculty Member: Silvia Z. Mitchell

Number of Credits: 6 (3 HONR and 3 HIST 302-H)

Our journey begins with an exploration of Madrid's medieval Arabic foundations and follows with understanding its development into a fully Renaissance city when the Habsburgs adopted it as their permanent residence in the sixteenth century.

Then, we will delve into the Madrid that became the paragon of baroque culture in the seventeenth century and experience it through the eyes of the rules and inhabitants of the past.

The course includes day trip to nearby cities – Segovia, Toledo, El Escorial, and Aranjuez – to provide additional perspectives and points of comparison. Adopting Madrid as a classroom, this course provides a unique experience of the Habsburgs’ splendid artistic, cultural, and historical legacy.

Estimated Program Cost: $5,500      

Not included in estimated cost: airfare

Learn More and Apply: