Intercultural Learning

Study Away

The Honors College is dedicated to providing high impact learning experiences to our students in and outside of the classroom. Through our study away programs, we afford students opportunities to enrich their intellectual development and intercultural learning. We offer these opportunities through off-campus domestic experiences or through study abroad led by our faculty and faculty partners. These experiences facilitate enhanced learning about different communities, cultures, and socio-economic and technical issues in a variety of settings while gaining honors credits. They are offered during October break, spring break, and over the summer.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted normal processes for travel and created much uncertainty for planning. Students,’ faculty, and staff health and safety are our priority. For these reasons, the Honors College is taking a circumspect approach to study away programming for Summer 2021.

All programs are TENTATIVE. Applications will be accepted on or after November 1, 2020. Although you submit an application or might be accepted into a program after this date, your participation in the program is still TENTATIVE.

Please do NOT make any financial commitments toward the program (such as purchasing airfare) until instructed by the program leader. The Honors College nor Purdue University will be liable for refunds should programs be canceled owing to mitigation measures taken due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please do not rely on study away programs to fulfill graduation requirements if your expected date of graduation is Summer 2021.

Why Study Away?

Summer 2021 Study Away Opportunities

HONR 29700 - Exploring Place: Community Redevelopment

Instructor: Dr. Rhonda Phillips
Dates: May 17 - June 1 (M1 Term)
Credits: 3 credits
Distance Learning

This applied course explores how to look to the past to help create the future. We begin by reviewing the basics of community development and approaches for revitalization with a focus on historic preservation and the use of culture and history as a basis for making progress in community development.

We will craft a community (re)development plan for a historic Victorian era-neighborhood district in a small-sized U.S. city as our applied learning and engagement project. Creative approaches to using land trusts and other preservation and development techniques will be explored. We will have a virtual field trip to meet with members of the city council and others in the case study community.

HONR 29900 - Exploring Place

Instructor: Dr. Nathan Swanson
Dates: July 12 - August 6 (M3 Term)
Credits: 3 credits
Distance Learning

This is a study away course that students co-create with the instructor around a site of personal travel or professionalization experiences (e.g. summer internships). Students will generate their own itineraries, reading lists, and some intercultural learning outcomes, through consultation with the instructor. Working together, the student and instructor will design an in-depth study of the place in which the student will work, live, and/or travel. This study will be attentive to the social, cultural, political, economic, and other forces that have shaped those places historically and today, while also focusing on community life and well-being and the relationships between residents, institutions, organizations, and others.

Fall 2021 Study Away Opportunities

HONR 29900 - Solutions Lab Global

Instructor: Dr. Nathan Swanson
Dates: 10.30–11.20am EST Thursdays (Fall 2021)
Credits: 1 credit, 16 weeks
Synchronous Online

In this course, students from Purdue University (West Lafayette, Indiana) and Unisinos (São Leopoldo, Brazil) will collaborate virtually in interdisciplinary teams to identify solutions to a major global challenge. The theme for 2021 is “Designing for the Next Pandemic.” At the start of the course, students at both universities will meet together as a class to learn about the topic from a range of disciplinary perspectives through guest lectures, assigned readings, and class discussions. Students will then be divided into interdisciplinary teams with members from both universities and provided a prompt related to this year’s theme. Teams will spend several weeks of the course focused on researching, developing, and packaging their solutions, before presenting them publicly at the end of the term. In addition to increasing knowledge of the topic and improving teamwork skills, students in this course will advance in intercultural knowledge, skills, and attitudes through their international collaborative experience.

Scholarship Opportunities

Interested in learning about scholarship opportunities for studying abroad? Purdue has "Purdue Moves" Summer/Short Term Scholarships available to qualifying students. For more information, visit Purdue's study abroad information page. These scholarships are ONLY for students studying outside of the United States.


"I learned a lot about myself and learned to appreciate my own culture more, seeing how it contrasted with other cultures."

Liz Walker

"It really made me realize how small the world is and how connected we all are."

Two people in Africa

"It’s very fun, super educational, broadens your horizons and gives you a greater view of what’s out there."

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