Undergraduate Research Opportunities

At Purdue, undergraduate research opportunities are as diverse and dynamic as the Boilermakers who pursue them. We urge you to enhance your development as a scholar by joining these faculty members in their research. They have all specifically requested to work with Honors College students.

Dr. Jon Harbor

Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences

We are looking for a communications intern to work as part of a team in promoting the work of an international scientific research project MAGIC-DML (Mapping, Measuring and Modeling Antarctic Geomorphology and Ice Change, in Dronning Maud Land). The communications intern will work jointly with a science undergrad intern to collaborate on and edit blog posts (typically one per week), update website content http://www.magicdml.com , manage three social media platforms (including https://www.facebook.com/MagicDML/ ), and propose new social media strategies for the project. This is a modestly paid position, approximately 5 hours per week, and the schedule is pretty flexible. Could also be used as the basis for an undergraduate research project.


To get involved with this project

Send a one-page resume and up to three short writing samples to Communications Specialist Logan Judy (ljudy@purdue.edu).

Dr. Jiansong Zhang

Assistant Professor

School of Construction Management

My main research interests are developing and leveraging advanced technologies to support construction engineering and management, construction automation and sustainable infrastructure, including building information modeling (BIM), artificial intelligence (AI) [i.e., natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and automated reasoning], virtual reality (VR), and construction robotics.


To get involved with this project

Contact Prof. Zhang, jiansong-zhang@purdue.edu.

Dr. Maggie O’Haire

Assistant Profess of Human-Animal Interaction

For this semester, we would like to advertise a volunteer position in which the student could earn research credits if desired. The O’Haire Lab focuses on conducting rigorous, scientific research on the unique and pervasive effects of the human-animal bond and human well-being. Students will work with Dr. Maggie O’Haire and Dr. Jess Bibbo as well asgraduate students and other undergraduates. The students’ main task will be coding and analyzing qualitative data collected from family members of service dog recipients. They will also assist with other ongoing research studies in the lab involving facility and service dogs. This is a volunteer position, but students can earn research credit hours and apply for outside funding. More information, www.humananimalinteraction.org.


To get involved with this project

Please email the Project Coordinator, Katelynn Burgess (burges10@purdue.edu) with your resume/cv. The anticipated start date for this position is September 12 th .

Dr. Qingyou Han


Purdue Center for Materials Processing Research

My research is funded by Chrysler and my team (consisting of about 20 researchers) is developing new technologies. It would be beneficial for undergraduate students to get involved with our research if there are interested in learning metals and alloys, and their processing technologies. For more information, visit https://polytechnic.purdue.edu/purdue-

To get involved with this project

Contact Prof. Han at hanq@purdue.edu.

Dr. Wen Jiang

Departments of Biological Sciences and Chemistry

My group focus on cryo-electron microscopy method development and its
applications in structural biology of viruses and macromolecular complexes. I prefer to have
freshmen/sophomore students who have genuine interests in research and want to start
research early. Our research is highly interdisciplinary and students with interest
in biochemistry, virology, drug discovery, instrument control, computing, programming and
other areas of science/engineering will be fine. For more information, visit:

To get involved with this project

Students can contact me directly via email, wjiang@gmail.com.

Dr. Annmarie Nicely

Associate Professor & Lead Visitor Harassment Researcher

School of Hospitality & Tourism Management

The harassment of visitors by small independent traders at tourist destinations is a phenomenon that affects every continent across the goal and is likely to have a negative economic effect on destinations. So, the goal of the Visitor Harassment Research Unit (Lab) at Purdue is to engage in research focused on understanding the phenomenon and pinpointing sustainable solutions for destination.

To get involved with this project

Honors College students interested in joining our research team may do so by contacting Dr. Annmarie Nicely at ajnicely@purdue.edu. Also, visit ourwebsite at https://www.purdue.edu/hhs/htm/research/visitor-harassment-research-unit/index.html


Dr. W.A. Cramer

Distinguished Professor of Biological Sciences

Research position for undergraduate, preferably a sophomore or first semester junior, interested in biochemistry or biophysics in general, and in particular, problems in biology that concern (1) molecular mechanisms of biological energy transduction or (2) mechanisms of toxin import across cell membranes.

To get involved with this project

email Prof. Cramer at waclab@purdue.edu to inquire.

Dr. Sabine Brunswicker


Research Center for Open Digital Innovation

A team of researchers is exploring how to best design information to help private home residents learn and understand their energy usage. The team is planning a series of user centered studies (in the lab, with eyetrackers) and experiments (in – lab and online via Amazon Turk) on information visualization graphs on desktop,tablet and mobile devices. More information can be found at: https://www.purdue.edu/opendigital/getinvolved/students/

To get involved with this project

Submit a résumé, link to github account (if available but not a must), and other evidence of prior coding and data science experience to opendigital@purdue.edu