Student Leadership

Leadership is one of the primary tenets of the Honors College experience. We urge every student to take advantage of many leadership opportunities. Make an impact on the community from your first to last semester on campus.

Honors Leadership Council

The Honors Leadership Council is a group of students consisting of one member from each disciplinary college. This council collaborates with representatives from other Honors College groups on an alternating weekly meeting schedule and consults with the Honors College Dean on a monthly basis. Council members and representatives from each respective area on the chart are selected in the spring each academic year. Council members are chosen from an application process and representatives are selected by the groups in which they are a member of. These representatives are liaisons to the Council and represent the interests of the populations they are connected with.

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Programming Committees

The Honors College has five programming committees that work to plan events throughout the year for the entire Honors College student community. These committees are chaired by Honors Leadership Council members and meet weekly.

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Honors Mentors

Honors Mentors work alongside first-year Honors students enrolled in the eight-week course, HONR 19901: “The Evolution of Ideas.” Mentors lead small teams in their HONR 19901 coursework and guide these students through the challenges of the first semester: transitioning to college; learning to think in interdisciplinary ways; and learning how to work in project teams.

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Honors Mentor Council

The Mentor Council has two primary goals: to strengthen the Honors Mentor community and to promote leadership development within the Mentor Program. In this effort, council members have a great deal of personal agency, while also receiving guidance from the Mentor Council President and support from an appointed Honors faculty member. In the spring, Mentor Council members have the unique opportunity to coordinate the mentor hiring process and to help with selections. In the fall, they assist with mentor training events, and they develop additional programs, events, and/or strategies that support the Council goals.

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Honors Ambassadors

Honors Ambassadors are student leaders who are dedicated to serving and representing the Purdue Honors College. Ambassadors interact and engage with prospective students to gain critical leadership skills while also promoting the Honors College and its opportunities. They provide insight about the college as part of recruitment, high-school visits, campus tours, special events, community service projects, speaking engagements and more.

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Cultural Companions

Cultural Companions is a leadership program to support our incoming international student population while providing an opportunity for cultural discovery for first-year domestic students. The Honors College looks for first-year domestic students to apply to be a companion to a first-year international student. Taking concepts from the International Programs office, these companion pairs will meet one-on-one at least two times in the first academic semester and attend one of the two social “Mixers” put on by the Honors College. Through Cultural Companions students create meaningful friendships spanning across cultural barriers to come together as one community in the Honors College.

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