Academic Leadership Programs

Honors Mentor Program

The Mentor Program is a highly competitive, credit-bearing opportunity, through which Honors College students can hone their teambuilding and leadership skills while also cultivating these skills in others. Working closely with Honors College faculty, mentors lead small teams of first-year students in HONR 19901: Evolution of Ideas. In this role, mentors guide students through project-based coursework, helping them develop the academic and teamwork skills they need to become successful Honors College students. This context provides mentors a unique leadership laboratory, in which they can observe how teams function and discover best practices for teambuilding, inclusion and problem solving. Mentors are also provided a structured environment in HONR 299: Mentors, where they engage in personal reflection and guided discussions to ensure they get the most out of their leadership experience.

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Honors Mentor Council

The Mentor Council is a co-curricular group of top mentors who are ready to take the next step in their leadership evolution. Mentor Council members work closely with the Mentor Council President to run events, trainings and other initiatives essential to the functioning of the Mentor Program. In this effort, Mentor Council members learn what large-scale leadership is all about as they shape the experiences and values of more than 80 Honors Mentors—and through them—impact the first-year experience of more than 500 Honors students.

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Mentor Council President

Through an exclusive, credit-bearing opportunity, the Mentor Council President (MCP) works closely with the director to guide and grow the Mentor Program. In this role, the MCP receives personal training on large-scale leadership and learns how to develop and implement initiatives that address areas for growth within the program. This is the pinnacle of Academic Leadership in the Honors College, as such the MCP has a profound influence on every aspect of the program. It is an awesome responsibility that comes with a profound opportunity for leadership and personal growth.

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