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Scholarly Project



Complete a project related to your major or to other educational expereinces, or propose a project of your own design to the Honors College scholarly project committee.

OPTION 2: Complete one of the HONR 499 designated scholarly project completion courses.

Complete one of the HONR 499 course designated as fulfilling the scholarly project 3-credit, project-based courses taught by an Honors College faculty member, designed to met the learning outcomes of the scholarly project in one semester.

OPTION 3: Complete HONR 299, Research Thinking Portfolio.

Completel HONR 299, Research Thinking Portfolio. This 2-credit class establishes a new pathway for Honors completion through a critical refelction of your engagement with the Undergraduate Research pillar of the college. This course empowers Honors College students to leverage their past research, scholarly, and creative expereinces to completel the Honors College cirriculum.


A student must engage in a sustained project, either on or off campus, in which the student creates new knowledge. Results of this research or creative project should be presented in a public forum (e.g. publication, presentation, display, or performance). All students must indicate their scholarly project track of choice through our online form. You may satisfy this requirement by choosing ONE of the following options:

  1. Departmental or college honors thesis or honors capstone project
  2. Scholarly project approved by a faculty committee appointed by the Dean of the Honors College. This experience might include an established Purdue research program (e.g. DURI); a REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) at Purdue or elsewhere; or a project supervised by a Purdue faculty member.

Click here to submit your scholarly project proposal.

On the scholarly project proposal form, please provide responses to all questions and review your information carefully before submitting it. Once submitted, your application cannot be changed.

You can view prompts of the scholarly project proposal form by clicking here.

You can view examples of accepted Scholarly or Creative Project proposals here.

Scholarly project proposals received as of March 1, 2022 are now under review.

If you are graduating senior in May '22 or August '22 and have not submitted your scholarly project proposal, please contact Dr. Kristina Bross, Associate Dean for Research and Creative Endeavors via email ( as soon as possible.

Proposal deadline: October 1, 2022

Research funding is available to Honors College students in good standing. Students may request awards up to $1000 to support research travel, the purchase of research supplies, or for research dissemination (e.g., participation at academic conferences). Honors College funds are intended to support completion of the scholarly project; however, students do not need to have an approved scholarly project proposal to be considered for an award. Applications for exploratory work that is intended to lead to a scholarly project will also be considered.

Thank you for your interest. The application period for 2021-2022 research funding is currently closed. Please visit this website in August 2022 for information about 2022-2023 funding. Please contact the grants administrator, Dr. Chaonan Liu, for further information.


*Proposal forms work best with Firefox and BOILERAD\username (on Windows) or (on Mac) as your login.

To download the Honors College Logo for inclusion on your poster or project, use the following links:

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After clicking on the link, right click the image and choose "Save As..." to download the file.

For more information on this requirement, see the PDF description of the Scholarly or Creative Project. For frequently asked questions regarding the scholarly or creative project, click here. If you have questions about which option is the best fit for you, please schedule an appointment with your Honors advisor. Click here for more information about advising appointments.