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What is Placemaking? 

…placemaking is an approach and a set of tools that put the community front and center of deciding how their place looks and how it functions. There is a community imperative in placemaking. 

Cara Courage, editor of The Routledge Handbook of Placemaking 

Adult Certification Program 

The Happiness and Well-Being Learning Collaborative within the John Martinson Honors College has partnered with Creative Placemaking Communities to offer the Creative Placemaking Advanced Leadership Certification Program.  

This certification is a 10-month residence offered virtually through Purdue Online. This is a professional credential for individuals whose work focuses on community well-being, community development, nonprofit careers, economic development and other roles that include stakeholder engagement in service of collaborative programs and solution-finding. 

The course includes instruction on system design and evaluation, community building and engagement, cultural ecosystems, marking and fundraising, facilitation and mediation, economic development, managing gentrification and site planning.  

For more details and to connect with the coordinator of this program, go to this link 

Creative Placemaking Communities

*Thank you to the organizations and businesses that have recommended the Creative Placemaking Advanced Leadership Certification Program to their members, employees, and customers! 

Student Programs 

Many of the faculty in the honors college conduct research and teach courses that touch on the field of placemaking. Students have the opportunity to build competency and gain credentials in placemaking through their coursework in honors.  

Learn more about the Suitable app recently deployed in Honors. 

This app helps students keep track of and mark attendance at honors events plus earn badges toward honors competencies including Placemaking.  

This survey is intended to discover courses in the college that engage with the themes of Well-Being and/or Placemaking. These courses can include those currently in process, being created at this time, or previously courses that you may be interested in teaching again. Survey link: 

Learn more about the Happiness and Well-Being Learning Collaborative