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Grants are available to help defray the cost of on-campus housing expenses for honors students with unmet financial need. Please direct questions about the grants in support of “Altered Harmony: Jazz and Society” to Catharine Patrone (cpatrone@purdue.edu), Senior Director of Academic and Student Affairs.

Altered Harmony: Jazz and Society

Altered Harmony: Jazz

Fall 2020 - Spring 2021

Community Description:
The Jazz and Society Learning Community provides an opportunity to center jazz as a theme of your lives for an academic year. The community will be lead by the notion that, “jazz artists ‘speak to each other in the language of music,’" and you will explore the nature of this artistic conversation with many of it’s cultural influences, geographical variations, and temporal iterations. You will interrogate varying facets of the social impact such a conversation facilitates, and explore the extent to which jazz embodies an American ideal of democracy. You will explore the musical language of jazz with it's power to make collective “performance” stronger. If you’re interested in jazz but don’t play an instrument or sing, or if you have a little or a lot of experience playing and singing, join your peers and dedicated faculty in this unique opportunity to focus on jazz as a way of life and a musical practice.

Fall 2020 - MUS 37800: Jazz History
Spring 2021 - HONR 29900: Jazz

Residence Information:
Students in this The Jazz and Society Learning Community will reside in Third Street Suites. Students must complete a housing contract separately from applying for the Learning Community.

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