Honors Advising

Our Mission

The Purdue Honors College provides individualized advising and scholar development in an inclusive environment in which all are welcome, safe and valued. Honors advisors guide high-ability students in developing an enriched plan of study which incorporates the Honors College curriculum and other academic opportunities. Honors advising empowers students to be transformative scholars and leaders in their communities.

The honors advising team members are —

  • Rebecca Krylow, Lead Honors Advisor
  • Becki Bleikamp, Honors Advisor
  • Mike Morton, Honors Advisor
  • John-Jack Kendall, Honors Advisor
  • Anna Ochs, Honors Advisor

As a result of honors advising appointments, students will be able to —

  1. Articulate individual progress towards completion of the Honors College curriculum
  2. Create a future plan which includes honors coursework and an individualized pathway to complete a scholarly project
  3. Articulate multiple, unique ways that the Honors College experience creates opportunities to become a well-rounded, well-educated scholar

Honors Advisors commit to —

  1. Facilitating an individualized appointment with each student
  2. Supporting students as they engage in a multi-year Honors College experience
  3. Manage calendars in such a way that creates ample advising appointments

Good Standing Policy

As part of remaining in good standing with the Honors College students who entered Purdue and the Honors College in Fall 2013 and beyond are required to —

  1. take at least one honors course of any kind each year
  2. maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.50
  3. complete an annual honors advising appointment

Honors College students who do not attend an advising appointment, take at least one honors course in an academic year, or whose GPA drops below 3.50 for two consecutive semesters will no longer have priority registration, might not be provided with Honors College supplemental advising or be guaranteed the option of completing thesis or scholarly work under faculty supervision.

Spring 2017 Honors Advising Assignments

First-Year Students

John-Jack Kendall works with first-year students with last names A-J. If you are a current Honors College, and have a question, please email John-Jack Kendall at kendall8@purdue.edu.

John-Jack's walk-in hours are Wednesdays from 1pm-2pm in HCRN 1142 and (beginning February 2) Thursdays from 10:30am-11:30am in UCSC (Shreve Hall) C124.

Anna Ochs works with first-year students with last names K-Z. If you are a current Honors College, and have a question, please email Anna at ochsa@purdue.edu.

Anna's walk-in hours are Tuesday from 2:30pm-3:30pm in URSC (Shreve Hall) C124 and Friday from 9:30am-10:30am in HCRN 1146.

Second-Year Students

Mike Morton works with second-year students. If you are a second-year student effective fall 2016, and have a question, please email Mike at morton35@purdue.edu.

Mike's walk-in hours are Monday from 2pm-3pm and Thursday from 2pm-3pm in HCRN 1136.

Third-Year Students

Becki Bleikamp works with third-year students. If you are a third-year student effective fall 2016, and have a question, please email Becki at rbleikam@purdue.edu.

Becki's walk-in hours are Monday and Tuesday from 1:30pm-2:30pm in HCRN 1140.

Fourth-Year and Fifth-Year Students

Rebecca Krylow works with fourth-year students, and those that have been in the Honors College longer. If you have a question please email Rebecca at mkrylow@purdue.edu.

Rebecca's walk-in hours are Wednesday from 9:30am-10:30am and Thursday from 1:30pm-2:30pm in HCRN 1134.


To make an honors advising appointment, you can do so online at https://webapps.krannert.purdue.edu/kap/calendar/. Once you have signed in with your Purdue credentials, go to the "make appointment" icon in the top left corner. Select "Honors College Advising Appointment" and select your assigned Honors College advisor. Honors College advisor assignments are provided above.

Have a question or concern and would like to speak with an honors advisor aside from your reserved opportunity?

  • stop by during walk-in office hours
  • send your advisor an email
  • visit us during Torch Tuesdays, 12-1p.m. weekly in the Windsor Dining Court at the long tables in the back left corner.