Past Visiting Scholars

The Honors College appreciates every Visiting Scholar. Here is a list of all past guests who have come to Purdue as a Visiting Scholar.

Fall 2020 | Spring 2020 | Fall 2019 | Spring 2019 | Fall 2018

Fall 2020

Lindsay BottomsLindsay Bottoms

Dr. Lindsay Bottoms is a Reader in Exercise and Health Physiology, and Deputy Head of the Centre for Research in Psychology and Sport Sciences at the University of Hertfordshire.

Lindsay is part of several projects exploring the wellbeing benefits of exercise in different health conditions, such as inflammatory bowel disease, alcohol addiction and depression. She also has been exploring the cardiometabolic health benefits of anthocyanin supplementation in adults with metabolic syndrome.

Tasia JonesTasia Jones

Tasia A. Jones is a professional director, actor, and theatre educator. Her most recent directing credits include Intimate Apparel (Northlight Theatre), Small Mouth Sounds (UCCS Theatreworks), Voyeurs de Venus (Northwestern University), The MLK Project (Writers Theatre), Seussical the Musical (Jean’s Playhouse), and No Child (Northwestern University).

She has appeared in such works as Saturday Night/Sunday Morning (The Lyric Stage Company), Good Television (Zeitgeist Stage Company), and The Bluest Eye (Company One). She holds a BFA in Theatre Arts from Boston University and an MFA in Directing from Northwestern University. She has taught in the prestigious theatre programs of University of Illinois at Chicago and Northwestern University. She is also an artistic associate for Black Lives Black Words International Project and the recent Artistic Fellow at Northlight Theatre. Tasia’s artistic mission is to create civic engagement and conversation through theatre and to promote positive societal change at the individual and community level.

Spencer LeeSpencer Lee

Spencer Lee is chief executive officer of Roto-Rooter Group. He is based in Roto-Rooter’s corporate headquarters in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. Lee was born in South Korea on September 20, 1955. He immigrated to the United States as a teenager and became a naturalized U.S. citizen. He received his BA in Economics from Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, California in 1978. He earned his MBA from The University of Chicago in 1980. In July 1980, Spencer joined Chemed Corporation in Cincinnati, Ohio (Roto-Rooter’s parent company) as assistant to the president. In 1981, he was appointed director of development of Roto-Rooter Group in Cincinnati. In 1983 he was appointed assistant branch manager of the Roto-Rooter Branch in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1984, he was named regional vice president (of Roto-Rooter’s Mid-Atlantic Region and in 1996 of Northeast Region) and he was based in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1996, Spencer was promoted to senior vice president operations, based at Roto-Rooter headquarters in Cincinnati. Finally, in 1999, he was appointed chief executive officer of Roto-Rooter Group. Spencer is married with two children. He is fluent in English and Korean.

Paschalis GkoupdenisPaschalis Gkoupdenis

Paschalis Gkoupidenis earned his PhD in materials science from NCSR “Demokritos”, Athens, Greece, in 2014. During his PhD, his research focused on ionic transport mechanisms of organic electrolytes, and physics of ionic-based devices, and of non-volatile memories. Following his PhD, in 2015 he started his postdoc at the Department of Bioelectronics (EMSE, France). At the Department of Bioelectronics, he worked on the design and development of organic neuromorphic devices based on electrochemical concepts. In 2017, Gkoupidenis joined the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research (MPIP, Mainz, Germany), and he is currently a Group Leader at the Department of Molecular Electronics. The research in his group focuses on the area of Organic Neuromorphics and Bioelectronics.

Briony HorganBriony Horgan

Every rock on Mars is a time capsule for Professor Briony Horgan, potentially holding information from billions of years ago that could help answer questions about life in the universe today. Horgan will soon delve into those questions by searching for evidence of past microbial life as part of the NASA Mars rover Perseverance mission. Perseverance is set to land in Jezero Crater, just north of the planet’s equator, this February. Horgan was part of the science team that identified the area as a good target.

Simple life forms such as microbes allow researchers to understand how rare or common life is in the universe. At this point, Earth is the only data to help scientists determine how and where life forms and evolves. Join Horgan in an interactive Q&A session, as we explore the exciting possibilities of this mission and its far-reaching implications.

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Spring 2020

Beth Herbel-EisenmannBeth Herbel-Eisenmann

Dr. Beth Herbel-Eisenmann is a professor of teacher education at Michigan State University. She specializes in mathematics education. She is also an author of several publications.

Sandra CrespoSandra Crespo

Sandra Crespo is a professor of mathematics education and associate chairperson for graduate education at Michigan State University. She specializes literacy education and mathematics education. She also serves as the editor of the Mathematics Teacher Educator journal, a joint journal of the NCTM and AMTE organizations.

Richard SamuelsRichard Samuels

Richard Samuels retired from the US Air Force as a colonel in 2016, after 30 years of active duty service. He was a special operations aviator and served in multiple combat operations. He earned his B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering, M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, and M.A. in Strategic Studies.

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Fall 2019

Claire NelsonClaire Nelson

Dr. Claire Nelson is a Development Engineer, Social Entrepreneur, and Futurist. She’s the first Jamaican woman to earn an engineering Doctorate degree and the only black in her graduating class. She has been recognized as the White House Champion of Change.

Dj LuDj Lu

Dj Lu is an architect and artist, working on urban projects for almost twenty years. His art implements stencils, stickers, stamping, posters, painting, mural painting and accessories.

Joe Barry CarrollJoe Barry Carroll

Joe Barry Carroll is an American former professional basketball player who spent ten seasons in the National Basketball Association (NBA). He played basketball for the Golden State Warriors but retired from the NBA in 1991. Aside from basketball, he is a wealth advisor, philanthropist, artist, and author.

Pat-i Kayapó

Pat-i Kayapó

Pat-i Kayapó is a filmmaker in the community of A’ukre, Brazil. As part of the Kayapó indigenous tribe in Brazil, he serves as a leader and organizer of a group of men and women filmmakers.

Sasha VelourSasha Velour

Sasha Velour is an American drag queen and artist who won the ninth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race in 2017. She earned her B.A. in Modern Literature from Vassar College and her M.F.A in cartooning from the Center for Cartoon Studies. She creates comics, magazines, photoshoots and has been featured in publications like Vogue.

Stephen KuusistoStephen Kuusisto

Stephen Kuusisto is an author, particularly about blindness. He is a graduate of the Iowa Writer’s Workshop and a Fulbright Scholar, and has taught at several universities including Ohio State University. He is currently a professor at Syracuse University in the Center on Human Policy, Law, and Disability Studies.

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Spring 2019

Joshua MarshackJoshua Marshack

Dr. Joshua Marshack is biological anthropologist as well as an assistant professor at Dickinson College and Grinnel College. He conducts research focused on chimpanzee behaviors. He earned all three of his A.M., A.B., and Ph.D. degrees at the Washington University in St. Louis.

Jere ConfreyJere Confrey

Dr. Jere Confrey is the Joseph D. Moore Distinguished Professor of Mathematics Education at North Carolina State University. She is a multi-grant winner from the National Science Foundation and currently serves on the Research Council for NCTM. She conducts research on various topics such as national policy and mathematics.

Simon ParkSimon Park

Simon Park is a professional engineer and a professor at the University of Calgary. He is a former employee of several companies including IBM manufacturing and Mass Prototyping Inc. He has formed the Micro Engineering, Dynamics and Automation Laboratory (MEDAL) and conducts research on details of micro and nano manufacturing.

Joshua WhiteheadColson Whitehead

Colson Whitehead reviews of television, music, and writing and he is also the author of numerous award-winning publications. He has received a MacArthur Fellowship, A Guggenheim Fellowship, a Whiting Writers Award, the Dos Passos Prize, and a fellowship at the Cullman Center for Scholars and Writers. He has also taught at universities including Princeton University and Columbia University.

Shannon MurrayShannon Murray

Shannon Murray is an actress, writer, broadcaster, disability activist and lawyer.

Ishmael HopeIshmael Hope

Ishmael Hope is an Alaskin native, writer, actor, and a learner and educator of Alaska Native art and culture. He tells stories from his Iñupiaq and Tlingit heritages, designing them for all audiences. He shares his culture through workshops, classrooms, and conferences.

Barry WellmanBarry Wellman

Barry Wellman is a sociologist and the co-director of the international NetLab Network. He has won multiple awards, including from the International Network for Social Network Analysis and the International Communication Association. He is an editor and author of award-winning publications.

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Fall 2018

Martine BellangerMartine Bellanger

Dr. Martine Bellander is a professor of health economics and the head of the Master of Public Health at the National French School of Public Health. She has performed research on Alzheimer diseases, breast cancer preventions, and public policies.

Melanie YergeauMelanie Yergeau

Melanie Yergeau is an associate professor of English and associate director of the Digital Studies Institute at the University of Michigan. She wrote an award-winning book, Authoring Autism: On Rhetoric and Neurological Queerness, along with several other publications. She has also served on the board of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) and the Autism National Committee.

Terri TownerTerri Towner

Dr. Terri Towner attended Purdue for all three of her B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in political science. She is currently a political science professor at Oakland University. She is an author as well as a political science researcher.

Angela IsaacsAngela Isaacs

Angela Isaacs is a children’s books author. She currently has two Orthodox board books, I Pray Today and Goodnight Jesus. Besides an author, she is also a freelance web designer and writer.

Ameenah KaplanAmeenah Kaplan

Ameenah Kaplan is an actress, director, musician, and choreographer. She is the Resident Director of The Lion King musical on Broadway and has starred in big hit productions such as Avengers: Endgame, and the U.S.’ The Office.

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