Spring 2022 Events


Sharita Ware, Middle School Engineering and Technology Teacher – Indiana’s Teacher of the Year 

April 14: 
7:00pm – 8:00pm  Keynote Lecture
HCRN, Honors Hall

The Lost Ones (Identity Lost) – Redefining Education to Empower Children

Sharita Ware, a Purdue University graduate, is in her tenth year of teaching Engineering and Technology Education to middle school students in the Tippecanoe School Corporation. Ware challenges her students with real-world, problem-based design scenarios that will help them contribute to global technology and integrated STEM. 

Dr. Anne Feuerbach, Archeologist, SUNY Nassau.

February 22:

6:45-7:45pm Keynote Lecture
HCRN, Honors Hall

Innovation & Post-Pandemic Possibilities

Dr. Feuerbach is an anthropology professor at SUNY Nassau. She is an archaeological scientist who seeks to understand how cuture influences innovation. She is best known for her research on Central Asian Swords along the silk road.

Dr. William Spriggs, Economist, Howard University

January 24 : (VIRTUAL)
10:30am-12pm Panel discussion with Purdue faculty 
3:30pm-4:30pm Keynote Lecture

Labor Force Participation in the Aftermath of COVID-19 

In the first Spring 2022 Visiting Scholars Program lecture, Dr. William Spriggs, Professor of Economics at Howard University and chief economist at the AFL-CIO, will examine the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the labor force. Once again, as in the recovery from the Great Recession, the great topic in labor studies is whether labor force participation will ever recover, and can we ever hope for 2000 levels of women’s labor force participation? Additionally, Dr. Spriggs will discuss how economists model race, and the inherent issues with that modeling. He will also discuss its implications for economic policy.


About the Visiting Scholars Series

The Visiting Scholars program is a collaborative endeavor between the Honors College and other campus units to bring excellent interdisciplinary scholars to campus for enriching student events, including talks, workshops, projects, and installations.  Past scholars in the program have come from a wide variety of fields, including anthropology, literature, gender studies, visual art, sustainability engineering, the dramatic arts, and international policy.

The Honors College provides accommodations and partial support to accepted programming.  Proposing individuals, programs, or units:

  • Provide supplemental funds (travel expenses beyond Honors College support, honoraria, refreshments, or other expenses related to the events).
  • Take the lead in arranging the scholar’s visit, including arranging for reimbursement or payment of honorarium to the visiting scholar.
  • Plan one or more events for Honors College students to engage with the scholar (special workshop, reception, Q&A session, meal, etc.).

Actress Ameenah Kaplan instructs students in Honors HallDr. Stephen Kuusisto demonstrating a service dogDjLu's work in Lafayette