Solutions Lab Prompt

Please design a campaign to raise awareness about your solution amongst Purdue University undergraduate students. In designing your campaign, you should seek to inspire interest and engagement with your proposed solution.

Keep in mind that your target audience is Purdue undergraduate students—think about the kinds of messages and forms of engagement they might find inspiring. You should also consider what background knowledge you will need to offer this audience to provide context and make a case for why your solution matters.

You have 15 minutes total to present, which should include time for questions.

You are welcome to use any medium(s) you feel will help you design and present your campaign, including the web, powerpoint, posters, handouts, etc. If you would like any slides or content projected during your presentation, you must send this to Dr. Lindsay Weinberg ( no later than 3:00 pm on Saturday, February 23rd.

To view the rubric, please click here.

Solutions Lab