Solutions Lab Prompt

All Solutions Lab teams should prepare a 10-12 minute presentation to be delivered at the Solutions Lab Unveiling on Saturday, February 29th in Honors Hall from 4-6pm. During this presentation, students will outline their proposed solution, explain its relevance to this year’s Solutions Lab theme, and demonstrate that it meets the criteria for submission to the Commission for Environmental Cooperation’s 2020 Youth Innovation Challenge.

The 2020 Youth Innovation Challenge is a competition hosted by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC). This year the CEC invites North American youth aged 18 to 30 to submit their ideas for innovative solutions to address environmental challenges and opportunities for communities across North America.

Solutions Lab participants may view the participation guidelines for the Youth Innovation Challenge at the following link:

Here are the evaluation criteria for the Youth Innovation Challenge:

Impact (30%)
How does your solution benefit the environment and the livelihoods of North American communities? Does it create green jobs and economic opportunities?
Innovation (30%)
How is your solution innovative? How does it differ from current solutions?
Feasibility & Replicability (30%)
How will you implement your solution considering technological feasibility and the availability of resources? Is your solution replicable and scalable?
Economic Value (10%)
Is there a market for your solution or does it fill a specific niche? Does your solution have potential for economic growth?

The presentations of the Solutions Lab teams will be judged according to these criteria. They
will receive extra points for having attended Solutions Lab events and having met with faculty consultants.

Submissions to the Youth Innovation Challenge are due March 31st. After presenting at the Solutions Lab Unveiling, all Solutions Lab teams are invited to submit their solutions to this competition. Winners will receive $5,000 in seed funding, the chance to present their work to top environmental officials in Vancouver, Canada, and the opportunity to visit an innovation center at a top academic institution as part of the CEC EcoInnovation Network.

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