Want to Join Honors Ambassadors? Applications Are Open NOW!

They are often the first “Honors College” face a prospective student sees. Welcoming, enthusiastic, energized… Honors College Ambassadors are the outward facing liaison between prospective students, alumni, university personnel and the Honors College. They are outgoing individuals with a passion for the Honors College, their own course work, and a love of Purdue. Do you have what it takes to join their ranks? The Honors College is accepting applications through Jan. 29. 

“The Ambassadors program is great as it gives people an opportunity to share their experience and passion about Purdue, helps one develop public speaking and conversational skills, and gives us the chance to invest in the Honors College,” Honors Ambassador Jacob Boyer explained. “It allows us to articulate why we enjoy Honors and the benefits the program provides.”

In addition to gaining personal confidence, Boyer says the program helped him learn how to forge strong relationships with others and craft a narrative people can be excited about participating in.

“That last skill is especially useful for any profession, as creating these stories allows people to connect to one another,” he added.

For Honors Ambassador Kaitlin Stone the program was all-encompassing, offering both personal development and a second home within Purdue. 

“I grew in more ways than one—socially, intellectually, emotionally, etc.—without even realizing it,” Stone said. “It was an opportunity to gain and improve upon several essential skills and be surrounded by outgoing, confident people with similar values and motivations.”

Ambassadors are expected to attend a select number of activities each semester including but not limited to individual tours, weekly information sessions, Purdue Admissions events, and other outward facing events.  All Ambassadors are expected to attend Forge the Future events and serve one office hour each week. (Some alterations to schedules and events have been made due to Protect Purdue restrictions. )

Stone encourages other Honors College students to consider applying because she believes it will help them form a stronger identity as an Honors College and Purdue student. Additionally, it offers significant leadership development and networking experience.

“The Ambassadors program offers early leadership skills, as well as connections with world-class faculty and like-minded students, that surpass other groups on campus,” Stone explained. 

Please direct any questions to mindy@purdue.edu. All applications will be considered and select individuals will then be chosen for interviews to finalize the selection process. Applications are due Friday, Jan. 29, 2021.

CLICK HERE to apply