Students, Faculty, Staff Represent Purdue Honors College at NCHC

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — More than fifteen presenters from the Purdue Honors College were present at this year’s National Collegiate Honors Council Annual Conference (NCHC), a group that included students as well as faculty and staff.

The conference theme was “Disrupting Education: Creativity and Innovation in Honors.”  Purdue presenters took full advantage to display how we are embodying these principles with presentations on mentorship programs, the use student ambassadors in recruitment, and collaborative, experimental projects.  One of the student attendees, Sawyer Gruntkowski, presented a poster with Dr. Jason Ware titled “Enhancing Community Engagement at the Community Level.”

The conference is presented by the National Collegiate Honors Council, an organization founded in 1966 to support and promote undergraduate honors education.  The council has nearly 900 member institutions including Purdue.  In addition to the Purdue representation in presentations, a Purdue Honors student, Sydney Keenan, serves on the NCHC student council.  Keenan, who has also presented research at the conference in previous years, said the conference provides opportunities to broaden her perspective.

“I was able to connect with honors students from around the nation and the world,” she said.  “One insight I gained was from the plenary speaker, Lynda Barry.  She spoke about how research is not always conducted in a lab, and wisdom does not always come with age.  Some of the most honest insights into the world and the most unique ideas she has ever heard have come from children.  Children embody the spirit of curiosity, and sometimes we need to glean inspiration to explore and learn from them.”

Other presentations at the conference by Honors personnel included:

  • “Wellness in Advising” – Ethan Johnson, Advisor
  • “Developing and Sustaining Mutually Beneficial Partnerships – Rebecca Krylow, Director of Advising
  • “Tracking Honors Students’ Learning Outcomes” – Dr. Heather Servaty-Seib, Associate Dean for Student Life, and Jordan Meyer, Data Analyst
  • “How Shall We Engage Our Honors Students in the Upper Division of the Honors Experience?” – Dr. Heather Servaty-Seib (panel participant)
  • “Creative Recruiting Through the Use of Honors Ambassadors” – Mindy Hart, Assistant Director of Recruitment and Admissions, and Student Ambassadors Lauren Bellamy, Jordan Loeser, Ella Domingo, and Jacob Boyer
  • “Challenging Disciplinary Boundaries through Collaborative, Experimental Projects” (panel) – Dr. Megha Anwer, Dr. Nathan Swanson, Dr. Jason Parry, Dr. Lindsay Weinberg, Dr. Adam Watkins
  • “Disrupting Leadership Paradigms through Peer Mentorship” – Dr. Megha Anwer, Dr. Katie Jarriel, Dr. Adam Watkins