Austin Cottle Receives Scholarship Using TikTok Video

Austin Cottle, an Honors student studying Game Development and Design from the Purdue Polytechnic Institute, has won a scholarship of $2,500 from a local Lafayette business called Breakout Games. He is the first ever recipient of the Breakout Games Escape Room Scholarship, and this great achievement came from his TikTok video alongside an essay and his portfolio!


We talked to Austin to learn more about his impressive expertise and achievements. He states that his Game Development TA, Brantly McCord, showed him this scholarship opportunity. Austin also states that the his answers to the scholarship’s questions prompts were more important than the other aspects of his application.

In regards to the TikTok video submission, he says, “…practicing improv comedy helped me in this submission, as I like to take a more comedic approach to lots of things that I do! I’m currently a member of Ship of Fools, an improv troupe on campus.”

Not only does Austin use creativity in his video and work hard academically, but also he creates more platforms to showcase his work. He has a portfolio for his major to show potential recruiters, and even created a podcast called “One Shot Central” on Spotify.

He states, “My podcast is One Shot Central on Spotify, part of an upcoming family of podcasts from Can of Wyrms Productions, a media production LLC I’m the co-founder of.”

Austin is excited to receive this scholarship, particularly because it will allow him to take summer courses to complete Honors requirements alongside his internship. He states, “This scholarship may allow me to take Summer courses to assure I complete the honors program, as I’m done with contracted credits but still need 3 HONR credits. I also plan on putting in credits toward my minors in Management and/or Communication over the Summer, if possible. I’ll have an internship near campus, so I’ll be around anyway and I figure I may as well put my spare time to use! I’ll be recording and producing more podcasts as well.”

Austin utilized his creativity from both inside and outside of the classroom and took initiative to take on the various opportunities available to him. Congratulations to Austin for being the first recipient of the Breakout Games Escape Room Scholarship!