Madeline Powers Receives Class of 1937 Scholarship

Madeline Powers, a sophomore in the Honors College studying Public Health, has been awarded with the Class of 1937 Scholarship. This scholarship is “is awarded to continuing undergraduate students who have been active in leadership activities and have demonstrated significant leadership potential.

Madeline Powers, Second-Year Pillar Awards, Undergraduate Research

Madeline, who is from Holland, Michigan, particularly shows leadership in her roles in the Honors College. She is involved in the Honors Leadership Council as the current Exploratory Studies Co-Chair and future Executive Board member for Exploratory Studies. Last semester, she was an Honors Mentor and helped first-year Honors students in their Evolution of Ideas course to help them transition into college and encourage teamwork in class.

“I am extremely honored to receive a Class of 1937 scholarship,” Madeline says. “I am passionate about helping others to grow in their leadership skills, and I enjoy volunteering on campus and in the local community.”

She has also made a significant contribution to Purdue in research, spending the past two summers at Hope College’s Biology Department. Currently, she is involved in research in the Biochemistry Department at Purdue, in addition to transitioning into the role of President of the Undergraduate Research Society of Purdue. In this student organization, she is able to help build a strong community of prospective and current researchers.

Receiving this scholarship is a true accomplishment for Madeline, and she says she is thankful that it will empower her to focus more on her studies. She hopes that this scholarship will help her continue to develop her leadership skills and mentor younger leaders during her next two years at Purdue. Afterwards, she aims to earn a Master’s in Public health and work as an epidemiologist or biostatistician.