Honors College launches Purdue’s first faculty exchange with UK’s University of Exeter

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind.— Hoping to broaden perspectives and explore new avenues of learning, the Honors College is launching Purdue’s first faculty exchange program with the University of Exeter, a public research university and elite institution in the United Kingdom.

Jo Gill, University of Exeter

“By fostering a strong connection between our two colleges, we will enrich the educational experience at both institutions,” Honors College Dean Rhonda Phillips said. “Research shows well-traveled, internationally knowledgeable professors are more successful in capturing the imagination of students and preparing them to become global citizens in our ever-changing world.”

Jo Gill, associate dean of international development and a professor of 20th century and American literature at the University of Exeter, will be the first Exeter faculty member to arrive at the Honors College.  Her research centers on poetry, confessional and life writing, and the cultures of the suburbs.  Gill will arrive Oct. 31 and spend 10 days engaging with Honors College faculty and students. She will later meet with Honors College staff to assist in the development of a summer exchange program for students.

“This partnership encourages vibrant, diverse ideas,” Gill said. “Students will see an immediate benefit as they are exposed to concepts presented in a new and different manner, while faculty members enhance their skills by observing culturally varied teaching styles.”

The Honors College plans to send a faculty member to the University of Exeter in spring. Ultimately, we believe the bond between institutions will become a powerful recruitment and retention tool, Phillips says.